Attendance Recording

Facial Recognition Device Compliant with PDPA Regulations

  • The machine does not display the employee’s ID card photo.
  • Reveals only a part of the employee’s name and ID number for privacy reasons.
  • Capable of recording up to 1,500 facial scans, storing 3,000 ID cards, and saving more than 150,000 files.

TigerSoft: Pioneers in Facial Recognition and Attendance Recording Systems

Facial Recognition Technology

Our time attendance system utilizes biometric scanning to record employees’ faces. This touch-free interaction minimizes contamination risk and enhances security.

Fingerprint Scanning

Features a fingerprint scanning option for clocking in and out, offering a high level of security that’s difficult to replicate. This method is cost-effective and customizable to suit each organization’s requirements.

Card Scanning Method

Provides a contactless way to record attendance by scanning an employee’s card, enabling a smooth and hygienic entry process at any access point.

Body Temperature measuring

Effortlessly measures body temperature as employees pass by the machine. This feature helps ensure that illnesses are not inadvertently spread in the workplace, safeguarding the health of all personnel.

Advancing Technology with Superior Service and Solutions at TigerSoft

Reliable Connectivity

TigerSoft’s eHR ensures that every detail concerning employees is securely stored in an On-Premises system, tailor-made to align with your organization’s specific needs.

Seamless Integration with HR Platforms

Our approach is to seamlessly synchronize all employee data from attendance systems to the HRM Platform in real time, enhancing both accuracy and security.

Versatile Compatibility

The Tiger eHR program offers a comprehensive HR solution that addresses all HR challenges within a single, user-friendly platform. It’s designed for ease of management, compatible with various tools and systems.

Features and Advantages of TigerSoft Attendance Recorders

TigerSoft: Pioneers in Advanced Attendance Recording Solutions for Every Organization

Time Attendance module on Workplaze Mobile.
  • Universally Compatible with Standard ID Card Frequencies

Our range of over 30 attendance recorder models allows organizations to select the best fit. Each recorder is engineered for precise accuracy and supports ‘Proximity’ and ‘Mifare’ card frequencies..

  • Versatile in Functionality and Application

The use of an Attendance Recorder with facial recognition for clocking in and out is beneficial for all types of organizations. It provides flexibility in choosing and utilizing various functions.

  • High-Capacity File Storage

Organizations can store and manage a multitude of files with the high-capacity storage available in our Attendance Recorders, complemented by a high-speed processing system.

  • Time and Picture Recording

The system records the time of attendance with both clock-in times and photos of employees, serving as verification of their presence in or departure from the office.

  • Integration with Payroll Systems

Attendance Recorders enable HR departments to efficiently track all employee attendance data, facilitating accurate payroll management and allocation.

Advanced Performance Features of TigerSoft Attendance Recorders

Stable Functionality

Our Attendance Recorders offer reliable connectivity for more efficient operation. With integrated Access Control, users can gain entry through any door using facial recognition or fingerprint scanning, processed in mere seconds.

Diverse Connectivity Options

The system supports various data transfer methods including LAN, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, and 3G Network, allowing the HR Department real-time access to all attendance information.

Audio Notification Post-Facial Recognition

Once the Recorder successfully identifies an employee during clock-in, it confirms the action with a notification sound. This feature is particularly useful if there’s a system malfunction, ensuring employees are aware of their clock-in status.

Fingerprint Scanning for Attendance Recording

TigerSoft is a leading provider of Attendance Recorders for organizations seeking to modernize their attendance systems. With comprehensive functionality and robust security, our machines are designed to transform your workplace attendance process.

GreatDay HR: Comprehensive Attendance Management Platform

Create and update personalized shift schedules for every employee! GreatDay HR enables you to generate individual shift schedules for any employee and implement them in just a few clicks.

GreatDay HR Attendance Recoding
An employee using GreatDay Hr's Attendance Recording.

Facial Recognition Technology

Empowered by advanced AI and Machine Learning capabilities, GreatDay’s Facial Recognition Technology continually refines attendance data during recording activities. The overarching goal is to mitigate fraud attempts effectively.

Simplify Employee Shift Management

Experience flexibility, seamless transitions, and comfort when handling shift changes with GreatDay HR. Choose your desired shift schedule and effortlessly apply it to the relevant team members

GreatDay HR

Precision in Location Information through Geo Tagging

Geo Tagging provides precise details about your team’s specific locations. The combination of Geo Tagging and Facial Recognition ensures the generation of highly accurate attendance data.

Attendance Correction Requests Made Simple

In the GreatDay HR mobile app, employees can conveniently view their attendance records and submit correction requests.

Supervisors receive instant notifications of any attendance correction requests directly on their smartphones, streamlining the approval process.

Seamless Integration with Fingerprint and Payroll Systems

If you’re currently utilizing fingerprint scanners, GreatDay HR effortlessly accommodates this technology. We can seamlessly transfer data from your existing fingerprint scanners, facilitating a smooth transition to our system. Additionally, the integration with payroll systems guarantees precise and error-free payroll calculations.

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