Workplaze Attendance Tracking

In-depth Understanding and Simplified Issue Resolution via a Unified Interface

Monitor thorough employee attendance records gathered from various sources, and apply sophisticated analytics with decentralized data access. This enhances compliance with regulations and aids in minimizing and identifying fraudulent activities.


Key Features

Set up various attendance types to align with your organization’s specific needs. Configure multiple attendance types based on your organization’s requirements

Gather attendance data via desktop and mobile apps featuring GPS tagging and facial recognition. Integrate data from physical devices like facial scanners and kiosks, or import from a wide range of third-party biometric, card, or other scanning devices.

Effortlessly monitor employee locations and working hours through geo-location technology.

Utilize algorithms to automatically determine instances of lateness, absence, or early departure by comparing real-time attendance with scheduled hours. Implement automatic notifications for employees and apply adjustments for rewards or deductions directly in payroll calculations.

Enable employees to correct their records in case of missed or erroneous entries, including requests for schedule updates. Monitor the frequency of such changes and impose penalties for incorrect entries as per company policy.

Provide immediate access to attendance data for supervisors and security personnel, including location maps, to aid in emergency response management.

Workplaze: Redefining Our Working Methods

Adapting to Employee Lifestyles with a Versatile Platform

Crafted for straightforward processing and information accessibility, focusing on engaging user interaction. Employees typically utilize the mobile app for Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) functionalities, while the web interface caters to more intricate analytics, processing, or data retrieval.

All Essential Data at a Single Glance

Employees can view all critical information on a single page – ranging from their position, team members, leave balances, requests, task progress, achievements, to social interactions. Workplaze enhances the daily work experience by adding a personal touch.

Easy to Use, Easy to Learn

The interface, with its Inbox-style layout, displays data and structures in a straightforward, uncluttered manner. This familiarity ensures ease of use with minimal training required.

Self-Service for Prompt Data Management

Empower employees by allowing them to view and update their own details, while maintaining data privacy through robust, role-based security measures.

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