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Humanica Recognized for Commitment to Sustainability on the 2024 ESG Emerging List

Bangkok, Thailand – June 20, 2024 – Humanica, a leading HR business solutions and service provider, has been recognized for its commitment to sustainable business practices by being included in the prestigious 2024 ESG Emerging List. “At Humanica, we are committed to integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into everything we do and are proud to have been acknowledged by the Thaipat Institute for our efforts ,” said Soontorn Dentham, CEO. “We believe that strong ESG practices are not only essential for social responsibility but also create long-term value for our stakeholders.” The Thaipat Institute, established in 1999, is a renowned public benefit organization dedicated to promoting business sustainability and corporate social responsibility through research, training, and consulting. Since 2013, it has been a GRI Certified Training Partner, recognized by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Thaipat Institute, established in 1999, is a renowned public benefit organization dedicated to promoting business sustainability and corporate social responsibility through research, training, and consulting. Since 2013, it has been a GRI Certified Training Partner, recognized by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The 2024 ESG Emerging List was meticulously compiled by Thaipat Institute’s ESG Rating unit, analyzing 920 companies, funds, and investment trusts, utilizing data from six sources and over 17,037 data points. Out of these, 19 securities, including Humanica, were recognized for their exceptional ESG contributions. Humanica’s inclusion in the ESG Emerging List is a testament to its dedication to sustainability, community support, and exemplary governance, making it an attractive investment for ESG-conscious investors. The company places a strong emphasis on efficient and responsible resource use, internal human resource development, and stringent governance practices. In today’s business environment, sustainable practices are essential not only for social responsibility but also for enhancing investor confidence. A global survey of ESG rating agencies revealed that over 600 entities are currently being assessed on environmental, social and governance criteria, highlighting the growing importance of this market.  ESG assessments offer several benefits to investors and stakeholders, including: Investors interested in ESG-focused opportunities can explore the ESG Emerging securities through the Thaipat ESG Emerging Private Fund. This fund employs a passive strategy, balancing investments across large, medium, and small securities with quarterly adjustments to optimize returns. Furthermore, the ESG100 securities selected for 2024 will guide adjustments to the Thaipat ESG Index, serving as a benchmark for investment returns and an ESG investment reference. The ESG100 securities list from 2015-2023 is accessible on the Thaipat ESG Rating website for investors and the public at no cost. For more information about Humanica’s sustainable initiatives and investment opportunities,please visit

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The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the fiscal year 2024 of Humanica Public Company Limited

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, the board of directors of Humanica Public Company Limited held its annual general meeting of shareholders for the fiscal year 2024. The board of directors comprises: Additionally, the executive management team comprises: The overall results for the fiscal year 2023 showed that the company’s revenue increased by 113 million baht, accounting for 10% of the total revenue, and the profit amounted to 88 million baht, representing 15%. Compared to the previous fiscal year, 2024, the company achieved satisfactory increases in both revenue and profit. The meeting proceeded smoothly, in line with the set objectives. Consequently, the board of directors reviewed and endorsed the minutes of the meeting, confirming their accuracy and compliance with the resolutions of the annual general meeting of shareholders for the year 2024. The management team expects the company to continue growing and succeeding, aiming to meet its goals each year.

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PPh21 Calculation

An Overview of Indonesia’s Income Tax (PPh21) Regulations Updates

In late 2023, the government introduced Peraturan Pemerintah (PP) 58/2023, marking a crucial update focused on simplifying the calculation of the effective rate for withholding PPh 21 or Income Tax Article 21. PPh 21 is a tax category applied to various forms of income, including salaries, wages, honoraria, allowances, and other payments received by employees. This modification addresses the necessity for a more streamlined process, as the previous formula was considered excessively complex and susceptible to errors. Key Changes in PPh21 Calculation The core of the update centers around the implementation of the Tarif Efektif Rata-rata (TER) or average effective rate. TER serves as the percentage rate used to calculate PPh21 for each taxpayer, with variations based on their PTKP (non-taxable income) status and gross salary. So, under the new PP regulations, PPh21 is now calculated solely by multiplying the taxpayer’s gross income by their respective TER. Shortly after this update, PMK 168/2023 was issued. This document serves as a detailed guide, explaining and clarifying how PP 58/2023 should be put into practice. Concerning the new tax calculation, the next question is: how do I know my TER rate? Let’s delve deeper into it! Understanding TER TER is categorized into two types: Monthly TER and Daily TER, determined by the taxpayer’s employment type. Exploring Monthly TER Monthly TER is applied to permanent or full-time employees receiving a monthly income. The system categorizes taxpayers into three groups based on their PTKP Status, which are listed below. Moreover, the TER rate varies within each category depending on the taxpayer’s gross monthly salary. Here is a comprehensive list of the Monthly TER rates: Exploring Daily TER Daily TER, on the other hand, caters to freelancers with daily income. The TER rate in this category is categorized as follows: Determining Your PPh 21 As previously mentioned, the latest regulation was crafted to streamline the calculation of PPh 21. To calculate your PPh 21, use the following updated formula: Daily Worker Employee For daily income up to IDR2,500,000, the daily tax is calculated as Daily Gross Income x Daily TER. For daily income exceeding IDR2,500,000, the daily tax is calculated as Daily Gross x 50% x Tax rate in Article 17. In the case of income received on a non-daily basis, the gross income is the average of the daily income. PMK 168/2023 explains more detailed calculations regarding the changes to the old regulation. It also includes sample calculations for a better understanding. In summary, the to-be tax calculation scheme for all employee types is reflected as follows: Conclusion: In summary, the recent adjustments to Indonesia’s Income Tax (PPh21) Regulations signal a notable progression toward a more efficient and accurate tax calculation framework. The implementation of the Tarif Efektif Rata-rata (TER) underscores a commitment to simplifying processes and improving transparency. These updates aim to not only facilitate the calculation of PPh21 but also contribute to the overarching goal of creating a clearer and more error-resistant tax environment. As taxpayers adapt to these changes, the emphasis on TER stands as a key element in achieving a streamlined and effective income tax system in Indonesia. As taxpayers, it’s crucial for us to understand Indonesia’s changing tax rules. Amidst the constant changes and adjustments, maintaining awareness becomes especially vital, especially for business owners ensuring on-time and accurate salary payments to employees. Fortunately, you can rely on DataOn HRIS, SunFish Workplaze, which offers a comprehensive Payroll Management Software designed to seamlessly adapt to these changes. Additionally, our Payroll Outsourcing Services provide end-to-end support for your payroll processing needs. Backed by over two decades of experience in the industry, we are committed to alleviating your payroll and tax-related challenges. Ready to elevate your payroll process? Reach out to us now, and let DataOn HRIS be your trusted partner!

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Empowering Businesses

2023 in Review – Celebrating a Year of Firsts, Milestones, and Innovation

As 2023 draws to a close, we at DataOn and Humanica are filled with pride and excitement as we reflect on the incredible  journey we’ve shared. This year has been pivotal, marked by the completion of our merger integration, successful milestones, joint growth, and groundbreaking innovation. Our First Year Post-Merger: Unity in Progress This year marks the first anniversary of our transformative merger, and it is safe to say we’ve not only integrated very well but also achieved new heights of success together. From the outset, our focus was on creating a unified entity that leveraged the strengths of both legacy companies. Throughout the year, we held joint integrations, collaborative conferences, product and knowledge exchange programs, which laid the foundation of our success and fostered a culture of collaboration. The result? A number of great achievements & successes! The financial results in the first year as a combined entity speak for themselves. We have achieved a remarkable 32% revenue growth and an impressive 23% net profit margin by the end of Q3. This not only showcases our growth but also underscores our financial stability. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in our 99% retention rate. Our internal customer satisfaction surveys echoed this sentiment, with a 4.7 out of 5 rating. This success would not have been possible without our incredible employees, whose dedication and enthusiasm was evident throughout this year. Their 4.4 out of 5 satisfaction rating is a testament to the positive impact of our merger and the vibrant culture we’re building. Workplaze Takes Center Stage Central to our success was the adoption of Workplaze, our flagship HCM platform, across all entities. Its intuitive interface and powerful features have allowed us to set new standards in how we manage projects, productivity, learning, talent and employee engagement in our new multi- company, multi- business unit environment.  In order to move forward together in alignment, we also embraced a new management style in 2023 with the adoption of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). This new framework facilitated communication of shared goals and business vision and helped synchronize the efforts across our global teams to achieve the jointly defined objectives.  New Business Initiatives and Expansion Embracing change and setting new standards weaved like a red thread throughout the year. Firstly, we successfully transitioned to accounting and audit standards applicable to publicly listed companies, which Humanica Ltd is, ensuring transparency and compliance with industry benchmarks. Secondly, we worked diligently on receiving the ISO 27701 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications all year. Obtaining the  ISO 27701 certificate on September 23, 2023 and being ready for the SOC 2 Audit validates our dedication and commitment to data security, privacy, and compliance. Aside from the internal adjustments, DataOn – Humanica continued to grow. Our strategic investment in SunFish DataOn Philippines expands our footprint and market presence in Southeast Asia and strengthens our position as a regional leader in end-to-end HCM software and people solutions. Simultaneously, the launch of Humanica Consulting Services (HCS) broadened our offerings to include human capital advisory addressing the growing demand for comprehensive HR consulting services in the region. HCS offers a range of services encompassing the development and execution of HR transformation strategies, managing the change process, workforce intelligence analytics and advisory so that we can optimally support our clients through their HR transformation journeys. Innovating for Tomorrow’s Workplace:  Empowering Businesses, One New Feature at a Time Continual investment in new technologies and product innovation is the key promise we have and will always make to our customers in order to support their unique and evolving HR needs and wants. 2023 was no exception. Looking at industry trends and talking to our customers has led to the introduction of numerous advanced functionalities in Workplaze.  The first half of the year saw the incorporation of two major new business processes, Project Management and CRM, in the Workplaze platform. These new features allow companies to track projects/ tasks fulfillment as well as sales opportunity/ activity within their HRIS platform and link them to timesheets, work recording, productivity monitoring, and performance. Innovation also focused on more personalization and flexibility by adding new functions for Flexible Benefits, Mobile Timesheets, Video-based Recruitment Interviews, Design Builder, and more. These new capabilities set Workplaze apart from its competition and bring it a step closer to a well-rounded workforce management solution that cares about employee engagement just as much as driving business results thus catering to the different needs of various stakeholders that interact with HRIS systems. The latter half of the year was dominated by significant advancements of AI integration into our platform, unveiled at our Annual HR Conference on Nov 2, 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia in front of an audience of 800 participants. These features, including AI-driven HR Executive Reports, Predictive Resignation, AI-driven Content Creation, CV parsing tools, and an HR Chatbot Assistant, signify our dedication to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology. Nurturing Relationships and Recognition Our dedication to innovation resonated strongly, expanding our customer base significantly to 70 new Workplaze customers (as of Q3). Prestigious names like CEVA, KWE, Royal Lestari Natural Rubber, Antam, The Landmark, Colgate, EUROKARS, J Trust Bank, Deloitte, and many more, placed their trust in our solutions. Notably, securing Thai Airways as a partner in September 2023 marked a pivotal moment, demonstrating our capacity to cater to large, esteemed organizations. Last but not least, Workplazed joined software review platforms G2 and Gartner Peer Insight this year, encouraging users to publicly share their Workplaze experience with peers, us, and potential buyers. Within the relatively short time frame of our entry, we have garnered  combined 100 positive reviews and a commendable 4.4 happiness rating, validating our dedication to delivering excellence. Concluding our successful year 2023, DataOn and Workplaze celebrated a triple triumph at the annual IT Works Top Digital Awards in Indonesia on December 4th. DataOn secured the coveted title of “TOP DIGITAL Implementer 2023 for Business Solutions”, while our very own President Director and Humanica CTO, Gordon Enns, claimed

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DataOn Secures Triple Triumph at IT WORKS TOP DIGITAL Awards 2023

DataOn (PT. Indodev Niaga Internet), a leading Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions provider in Southeast Asia, claimed victory in three distinguished categories at the esteemed IT WORKS TOP DIGITAL Awards 2023, hosted at the iconic Raffles Hotel Jakarta on Monday, 4 December 2023. The accolades bestowed upon DataOn include: “TOP DIGITAL Implementation 2023 on Business Solution Sector # Level Stars 5” “Gordon Enns, President Director of DataOn & CTO of Humanica Group as Top Leader on Digital Implementation 2023” “Top HC/HR Solution 2023 – SunFish Workplaze” These awards underscore DataOn’s leading position in the field of HR transformation, digitalization, and technology innovation in Indonesia. The TOP DIGITAL Implementation award specifically recognizes DataOn’s exceptional achievements in deploying cutting-edge solutions within many regional businesses from all industries propelling their HR journey forward. For this, DataOn was awarded with an outstanding 5-star rating. Lengthy and detailed selection process What sets this recognition apart is the rigorous selection process that required Gordon Enns, the visionary President Director of DataOn and CTO of Humanica Group, to undergo a comprehensive, detailed online presentation in front of judges comprising IT and HR industry leaders. This highly knowledgeable panel of judges was assigned the difficult task of evaluating and acknowledging the groundbreaking digital strategies and implementations put forth by various organizations. Gordon Enns, recognized as the Top Leader on Digital Implementation for 2023, demonstrated not only strategic vision but also the ability to navigate and excel in the ever-evolving digital landscape. His online presentation encapsulated DataOn’s commitment to innovation and its transformative impact on the business sector. This recognition is the result of teamwork Representing DataOn in receiving these coveted awards were Marci Mark Rogi, Sales Director of DataOn, and Abdi Wirawan, the SunFish Workplaze’s Software Development Head. Their presence on stage symbolized the collaborative efforts of the entire DataOn team in achieving these remarkable milestones. “We are truly honored to receive these prestigious awards at the IT WORKS TOP DIGITAL Awards 2023. The online presentation in front of industry-leading judges added an extra layer of validation to our digital strategies and implementations. It reflects the dedication of the entire DataOn team in pushing the boundaries of excellence in HCM,” said Gordon Enns, President Director of DataOn. These awards mark a pivotal moment in DataOn’s journey, solidifying its reputation as a problem solver in customer’s digital transformation efforts and a provider of innovative solutions that redefine the standards in the industry. IT WORKS TOP DIGITAL AWARDS Assess Innovations and IT/ Digitization Progress within the IT & Telco Sector The TOP DIGITAL Awards program a prestigious annual event organized by ItWorks Magazine in collaboration with a number of Indonesian IT & TELCO associations. Awards are given to companies and government agencies that can prove they are successful in terms of implementing and utilizing digital technology, to improve performance, service, innovation and business competitiveness as well as services to the community and the consumer. Therefore, the award can also be given to TELCO IT Vendors/Digital Technology Solutions who support the development of the use of digital technology in Indonesia. “The 2023 TOP DIGITAL Awards event is an effort to encourage new digital innovations, especially supporting the acceleration of digital transformation in the country as a readiness to enter the industrial era 4.0 and the Society 5.0 era,” says M. Lutfi Handayani ST. MBA, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, and CEO of MSI Group (publisher of ItWorks Magazine) of the initiative. Tough Competition This year, the Awards adopted the theme “IT Governance and Cyber Security in Innovation of Business and Services.” As is the case every year, the assessment panel receives approximately 900 applications of which they have to shortlist around 200 potential finalists. In order to determine the winners, the following three main criteria had to be fulfilled: The company/institution can convincingly demonstrate it succeeded in the implementation and utilization of Digital Technology, and with it improved performance, competitiveness, operations, and services. The company/institution has a good IT Governance and Cyber Security system. The company/institution has an Outstanding Business Solutions/Applications/Platforms that are considered successful and commendable. The selected candidates then undergo a lengthy, comprehensive evaluation process that includes attending and presenting the success of their digital technology implementation and utilization in an Online Jury Interview and Presentation. This year the candidates had to convince a new team of judges and experts from various areas of expertise that they deserved the win. Among the judging panel was the Honorary Judge Prof. Dr. Ir. R. Eko Indrajit, M.Sc., MBA., Mphil., MA – IT/APTIKOM expert, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ir. Kalamullah Ramli, M.Eng. – IDPRO Supervisory Board. This year’s Chair of the Jury is Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Achmad Benny Mutiara, Q. N. SSi, S.Kom – General Chair of the Informatics and Computer Higher Education Association (APTIKOM). DataOn joins the ranks with several other proud Award winners including government institutions Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkeu RI), Directorate General of Taxes (DJP), PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, PT Pertamina (Persero), PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) as well as private companies PT Global Digital Niaga (e-commerce platform, PT Mandiri Tunas Finance, BPJS Health, PT MSIG Life Insurance Indonesia, Grand Hyatt Jakarta, East Kutai Regency Government, PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk., and several others more. For media inquiries, please contact:Pearlyn GirsangMarketing [email protected] About DataOn DataOn is a leading provider of Enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM) software solutions. Our fully integrated platform SunFish Workplaze enables organizations of all sizes to manage their workforce efficiently and make data-driven decisions for sustainable success in the ever-evolving business and HR landscape.

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HR Service Solutions

Eigerindo Creates Resilient Organization With SunFish HR Platform

The customer Company: PT Eigerindo Multi Produk Industri or known as Eiger is today the largest outdoor lifestyle and adventure equipment manufacturing and retail company in Indonesia. Bodypack, Eiger, and Exsport are famous brands in Indonesia and known for their quality bags and fashion lifestyle products. Founded by Ronny Lukito in 1989 in Bandung, Eiger started production of bags with two sewing machines. That small production turned into a mini bag shop and from there underwent a remarkable success story driven by innovation, creativity and the desire to empower people to reach their full potential. To date, Eiger has 3 Flagship Stores, 34 showrooms and 237 stores spread throughout Indonesia and has just started tapping into global markets with the opening of its first overseas store in Switzerland. Key Achievements Digitalize and automate operational &  strategic HR module Single platform for all HR tasks and data Improved data integration Less than 1% errors in data processing Reduced time spent on administrative activities Increased accuracy in competency management by 90% EX aligned with the company’s strategy Improved employee development 10x faster performance appraisal management process Industry: Manufacture and retail of outdoor and adventure apparel & equipment Employees: 2.373 across multiple locations Stores: 237 across Indonesia, 1 overseas Established:  in 1989 Modules Used: since 2019 HR Base Payroll Time & Attendance Performance Training Recruitment To be a blessing to others and the environment Every mountaineer and nature enthusiast in Indonesia knows Eiger Adventure. Bodypack, Eiger, and Exsport are famous fashion lifestyle brands known for their stylishness, innovativeness, and high-quality, international standards. Starting out as a small bag-shop over two decades ago, Eiger today sells outdoor apparel and equipment in product categories Mountaineering, Riding, and Authentic 1989, catering to climbers, bikers, and hikers who love classic designs.  The name EIGER was inspired by the famous Eiger mountain in the Swiss Alps, whose north face wall ranks amongst the most challenging and dangerous ascents to climb. The mountain serves well as a metaphor for Eigers own successful journey to the top of the lifestyle product industry – from humble beginnings with two sewing machines to a globally operating retailer with 250 stores in 137 cities across the archipelago and in Switzerland. Through consistently hard work, strong will, and commitment, Eiger built award-winning products and an outstanding reputation receiving several prestigious recognition, such as the Upakarti from the Indonesian government, The Shahwali Award for environmental commitment, and the Arch of Europe Gold Star Award for Quality for commitment to the highest standard. Besides focusing on outdoor activities, EIGER prioritizes environmental sustainability and social responsibility, aiming to educate and inspire people on green life, Expedition, and Responsibility. In their own words, the company aspirations are: Employees are Eiger’s heart and soul Eigerindo credits its success to its people. The company’s culture is dedicated to empowering their employees and inspiring greatness. Collaboration, feedback and growth are the pillars of their people’s practice. As Hendra Lim explains: “We have something truly special that we fondly refer to as S.H.A.R.E. (Servanthood, Harmony, Agile, Respect, and Empowerment). SHARE isn’t just a guideline; it’s more like a guiding compass for every step our employees take. It’s designed to inspire their personal growth and help them reach their fullest potential.” The commitment to their people earned Eigerindo MPI the ‘Great Place to Work’ Certification for 2023/2024 given out by the Great Place to Work Institute, which conducted surveys of more than 100 million employees in 49 countries around the world. S.H.A.R.E. plays a critical role in Eigerindo’s mission to provide experiential customer satisfaction in the lifestyle businesses with their  culture and great people. Eigerindo’s S.H.A.R.E. principle serves another purpose, which is to give employees a clear and consistent understanding of the company’s goals and to ensure that their behavior and efforts are aligned with the company’s objectives and strategic direction. “HRIS  is not just a tool, it’s a game-changer” and Digitalization helps to maximize its benefits For Eigerindo MPI, HR is a key business partner that plays a vital role in fine-tuning every aspect of their Human Capital operations. More than that, their HR team is considered the driving force behind the company’s ability to build a resilient organization with a unique competitive edge as well as its readiness to overcome any challenges that cross their way in the future. As a company that is at the forefront of innovation, Eigerindo MPI is fully aware of the benefits modern technology can deliver to achieve great results in process optimization, streamlining workflows, managing people, data & outcomes, and in providing a good employee experience. So, as their headcount and locations grew, the company quickly decided to properly support its workforce management with a digital HR platform. As Mr. Farhan Noer Widagdo, Retail Human Capital Business Partner Supervisor of Eigerindo puts it best: “We emphasize the digitalization and automation of strategic HR modules by transforming Employee Data, Payroll, Performance, Training, and Recruitment modules into an HRIS system by using the SunFish HR Solutions.” Underpinning their HR management and workflow structures with technology has had a considerable impact for the Eigerindo team in reducing time for administrative activities as well as better data integration.  A very noticeable difference Mr. Farhan highlights two very important tangible benefits that his team cherishes the most out of all the improvements SunFish made on their operation: He estimates that thanks to the single platform data access and automation SunFish provides, human errors in data processing have dropped below 1%. He cannot overstate the significant contribution SunFish has made to the company’s performance appraisal management, which is a cornerstone of their people development philosophy: The appraisal process efficiency has greatly enhanced – being about 10 times faster compared to the previous procedure.  The competency management assessment accuracy has increased by 90%, making it an optimal foundation of further employee development. With SunFish and DataOn, Eigerindo MPI has found a solution that can accommodate their HR journey, innovation and growth for the years to come and a team that provides

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DataOn's Heartwarming

DataOn’s Heartwarming Day with Budi Mulia 4 Elderly Residents

On November 11th, 2023 DataOn employees, along with our COO Yus Wadi, set out on a mission to bring joy and support to the residents of Budi Mulia 4 Elderly Social Welfare Home. Warmly welcomed by 310 senior residents and 65 staff members, the day unfolded with a mix of entertainment, laughter, and meaningful contributions, creating a memorable experience for everyone. In return for the warm welcome, the DataOn team made sure the elderly residents had a day to cherish. One of the highlights of the day was a delightful, short drama titled Drama Bahagia performed by the DataOn Team,  which infused the atmosphere with joy and fun, reminding everyone to embrace happiness. The amusement continued with a series of interactive and lovely games tailored to the diverse interests and abilities of the elderly residents. To add an extra layer of excitement, prizes were prepared for the winners, sparking enthusiasm among the elderly residents to actively participate. The games brought everyone together with lots of laughter and a strong sense of camaraderie. In addition to the engaging activities, DataOn also donated goodie bags for each elderly resident and the staff. These goodie bags were carefully curated to include essential items such as cleaning supplies, snacks, and medicines. The donation aimed to not only bring momentary joy but also contribute to the daily needs and operational efficiency of Budi Mulia 4 Elderly Social Welfare Home. To conclude the day on a special note, DataOn organized a heartwarming birthday celebration for the elderly residents. This thoughtful gesture aimed to recognize and celebrate the lives of the elderly residents, emphasizing the importance of their individual stories and experiences. The celebration served as a touching reminder of the bonds formed between the DataOn team and the residents during this meaningful day. Sharing is Caring As the day developed, DataOn Team immersed themselves in activities that entertained and created lasting memories for both the elderly residents and our team members. Genuine smiles and laughter echoed through the corridors, validating DataOn’s efforts in brightening the residents’ day. This visit stands as a testament to the positive impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives. Through awareness, genuine caring, joyful activities, and generous donations, it not only brought smiles to the faces of the elderly residents but also made a tangible contribution to the welfare home’s daily operations. Hopefully, this heartwarming experience inspires more companies to actively engage in initiatives that make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. Our heartfelt thanks go to the Budi Mulia 4 Elderly Social Welfare Home for allowing us and supporting us to spend the day there. Our thanks also goes out to the DataOn CSR committee, and all employees who donated and assisted, making the outing possible. In anticipation of similar future events, we now eagerly await our next Let’s stay connected!Website: dataon.comLinkedin: PT Indodev Niaga InternetIG: dataoncorpFB: DataOn Corp (Indodev Niaga Internet)Youtube: DataOnCorp

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Galenium’s HR Transformation: Integrated System for Attendance, Payroll, and Vacancy Fulfillment

The customer Company: Over the last 30 years, Galenium Pharmasia has grown from a home business to a large-scale manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical  and skin care products, with Caladine being their most well-known product. Today, its operation spans a 20,000 sqm  state-of-the-art  factory located in Bogor, West Java, marketing offices all over Indonesia, the sales of its product in SEA, the Middle East, Europe and America. Key Achievements Fully integrated, complete set of functions that unifies current and old data from all HR areas in one central system Process Standardization across all functions of HR and for all employees and locations Employee related data and files are easy to find, they are consistent and accurate Connecting attendance records and resignations with Payroll to avoid over payments Mapping hierarchies, positions and people of their organizational structures and having a complete picture of  vacant position Ability to do targeted recruitment based on vacant positions and do proper manpower planning Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Personal Skin Care, Distribution & Logistics, Manufacturing, Health Services Employees: 850 Established: in 1960 Locations:  Jakarta, Bogor, and marketing offices in all big cities in Indonesia Project Goal: Across-the-board HR process standardization for Core HR functions as well as Talent Management and Recruitment and to have one central platform for all HR activities and data Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories: Nurturing Health, Empowering Quality PT Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of high-quality health, skin care and cosmetic products. Starting out as a home business in 1960 by Dr. Joesoef Bagindo Sutan and his son Eddy, the company has grown into a large national scale operation over the last 30 years that boosts a 20,000 sqm factory and logistics facility in Bogor and 850 employees to support the production of its high-quality products and their sales in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America. While family favorite baby skin care brand, Calendine, is their flagship, the company also markets other well-known brands such as Clarite Laxacod, Laxadilac, Galpain, Selefit, Imunex and many more. Committed to high quality standards in their production and operation Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories obtained several certifications over the year including the “Sertifikasi Sistem Jaminan Halal (SJH) from MUI, the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2018 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System: ISO 45001:2018. After years of frustration with their manual HR processes, the Galenium HR team decided in 2020 that it was time to hold their internal HR operation to the same high standards that are applied to their products. Galenium’s pain points with their manual HR procedures Despite spanning a nationwide operation, with a head office in Jakarta, a factory in Bogor and many marketing offices in all big cities across the archipelago, Galenium’s HR team relied on manual processes for their human resource (HR) management. Trying to manage 850 people in so many different locations is not an easy task. Often the company’s HR team was trapped in a time-consuming cycle of trying to find employee records, work history or performance files, trying to find out the correct attendance data of employees to ensure correct salary payment, or attempting to reconcile different sets of data.  Out-of-date organizational structures and employee profile and movement records One of the issues that bothered the HR team was their inability to get a clear, up-to-date picture of their organizational structures and employee records. The manual process made it difficult to get a real-life snapshot of their internal department and position hierarchies and the employees that filled these positions. Paper-based tracking of employee movements between locations, job rotations, promotions, resignations and finding those records later added to headache. Without a centralized system, consistently updating and finding very basic information proved to be an arduous task. Irregular attendance monitoring and payroll issues The real impact of the manual HR management was felt in the correlation of attendance and payroll. In Galenium’s case attendance is linked to the salary payment. So tracking clock in and out time is crucial for the company. Unfortunately, due to the absence of an automated system, the team frequently faced irregular attendance records. The issues ranged from inconsistent or half available data to no data at all, which made it difficult for the HR team to decide how to proceed with the salary payments. The impact on the payroll was additionally felt with resigning staff. Paper files and no visibility into attendance records and slow communication from the locations side, made it hard for HR to know employees real resignation dates and whether they should receive a full or partial month’s salary. Delays and miscalculations were the results because of it. Impossible to get historical data for performance reviews Despite spending a significant amount of time on basic HR administration and operation, Galenium’s HR team was still committed to their annual performance reviews. But every year again, they struggled to find various files that go into it. “When we need historical data as a basis for our Talent Management discussions and reviews, we have to go look for the physical files first. It takes time. Sometimes we would find out they have been stored in warehouses and sometimes we would find out that they have been destroyed.” Recruitment mismatched with needs Another source of frustration for the team related back to the unavailability of up-to-date organizational structure because that also meant not having a complete picture of overall vacancies in the company. Hence, doing accurate manpower planning and then conducting targeted hiring for only positions in need at the locations in need was near impossible. The HR team was rarely aware of managers’ requests for manpower, and when they did recruit the process of searching, filtering and hiring the right talent took a long time. Galenium’s HR Transformation Journey  That thought became the HR team’s mindset and to resolve their issues and unlock the full potential of their HR department, Galenium decided to embrace a fully integrated HR system. After convincing their management of the lack of efficiency in their current structure,

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DataOn Humanica Hosts 13th Annual HR Conference, Empowering HR Professionals to Craft Inspiring and Human-Centric Workplaces

DataOn Humanica, a leading HRIS service provider in Southeast Asia, today successfully concluded its 13th Annual HR Conference. The event, held at The Tribrata Darmawangsa from 8.30 – 17.00 WIB, brought together over 800 attendees for a dynamic forum that empowered HR professionals, system specialists, and industry experts to explore the theme of “Crafting an Inspiring, Human-Centric Workplace.”  The event was supported by Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah Group, which provided attendees with free medical check-ups and as one of the media partners to extend the conference’s insights to a broader audience. In a significant moment, the conference opened with an address by the Deputy Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Afriansyah Noor. His presence underscored the government’s dedication to advancing innovative HR practices, setting the stage for a day of insightful discussions and transformative insights. Keynote Speakers Shed Light on HR Advancements Throughout the conference, attendees engaged in a variety of interesting discussions centered on the Employee Experience and managing change. However, the highlight of the event was the deep dive into Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR, including the launch and showcase of DataOn Humanica’s very own AI tools integrated into its HRIS software. The first keynote speaker Mr. Gordon Enns, CEO of DataOn and Chief Technology Officer of Humanica Group, highlighted the pivotal role of Employee Experience in improving productivity, performance, and organizational value. He demonstrated how technology can provide a transparent, efficient, data-driven, and objective backbone for companies, unifying these elements for an enhanced Employee Experience. Following his address, DataOn’s Development Manager Abdi Wirawan and Sales Manager Hendra Koni Praja showcased the practical tools embedded in DataOn’s HRIS platform, SunFish Workplaze, designed to create a superior Employee Experience. DataOn’s 13th Annual HR Conference 2023 featured two more keynote speakers. Herman Cahyadi, Chief People Officer of Gojek, who emphasized the benefits of HR as a Shared Service for larger companies, driving HR alignment and innovation across diverse locations, and Husein Samy, HR Country Manager of IBM Indonesia, addressed the much-anticipated topic of AI in HR, highlighting current trends and real-world AI applications that are game-changers in the way we work. The Unveiling the Latest AI Feature in SunFish Workplaze in DataOn Humanica’s 13th Annual HR Conference 2023 “As a technology-based company, we are committed to always keeping up with technological advancements, and one of them is, of course, AI. We believe that AI has great potential in the HR industry. By combining AI and SunFish Workplaze, we are confident that we can further assist our clients in improving their business efficiency and employee management,” said Gordon Enns. Attendees were then granted an exclusive opportunity to witness a live demonstration of these cutting-edge AI features, with guidance provided by the DataOn team, UI/UX Design Leader Ricky and Pre-sales Specialist Kevin Ronaldo. This year’s conference has taken on added significance with the unveiling of the latest update from SunFish Workplaze, which is the AI feature. The President Director of DataOn and the CTO of Humanica Group, Gordon Enns, highlighted that the introduction of this AI feature underscores DataOn Humanica’s unwavering commitment to ongoing innovation, staying in sync with technological trends, and evolving with the times. Prominent HR Practitioners Share Their Insights More prominent HR practitioners added their insights, including Vira Risnayani, Chairperson of the Human Resources Association Bali, who emphasized the importance of collaboration and meaningful relationships in driving employee engagement and growth. The event also saw Akshat Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO of Lighthouse Consulting and CEO of Humanica Consulting, discuss the importance of managing the change process when implementing new IT systems and the steps required for a successful transition to new HR systems and processes. Ibu Ety Setiawati, HR Director of Jumeirah Bali, shared a real-life success story of implementing DataOn’s HR platform showcasing the impact of technology in streamlining HR operations and enhancing the Employee Experience. A major excitement for the participants was DataOn’s inaugural InspireHR Awards, recognizing companies’ achievements in the categories of Excellence in HR Innovation and Excellence in HR Change Management. The audience celebrated the very first winners of the InspireHR Awards: PT Kino Indonesia Tbk for the HR Innovation Award and PT Eigerindo Multi Produk Industri for the Change Management Award. A Blend of Fun and Learning at DataOn Humanica’s 13th Annual HR Conference 2023 To add a touch of fun and relaxation, the conference also included an exhibition area showcasing SunFish Workplaze’s latest features, Humanica’s Payroll Outsourcing, and Change Management Consulting services, alongside engaging activities like virtual racing, a 360-degree spin photo booth, memory games, and more. The conference concluded with an eagerly awaited musical performance by the immensely popular ADA Band, who had attendees singing along to their hits “Manusia Bodoh,” “Masih,” “Seharusnya,” and more. Overall, the 13th Annual HR Conference 2023 by DataOn Humanica was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and better equipped to create workplaces that focus on the human-centric nature of HR. About DataOn Humanica DataOn Humanica is a leading HR and Human Resource Management solutions provider committed to bringing innovative technology to empower businesses and enhance the employee experience. For media inquiries and further information, please contact:Arlyn Girsang P: +62 818 0840 9141E: [email protected] For more information please visit inspirehr.idFor updated press release and documentations, visit

DataOn Humanica Hosts 13th Annual HR Conference, Empowering HR Professionals to Craft Inspiring and Human-Centric Workplaces Read More »

Komatsu Upgrades SunFish HR Platform to Keep Pace with Changing Times, Demonstrating Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The customer Company: PT Komatsu Indonesia was originally established as a joint venture between PT United Tractors (an authorized distributor of Komatsu products in Indonesia) and Komatsu Ltd. in Japan and has since developed into the leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment in Indonesia. Their products include hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, off-highway dump trucks as well as frames, related components, and steel cast products. Under the global trademark of Komatsu, the company stands for high-quality and reliable products making it a reliable partner in Indonesia for any development in Mining, Forestry, Agro, and Construction business. Key Achievements Expedited payroll process Correct monthly tax calculation & estimation for the full year Report creation within minutes not days Reallocating processes to employees through ESS including payslips, claims, leave, training Accuracy, efficiency and transparency in performance & KPI tracking Simplified training management & easy access to employee training histories Increased productivity,  less errors, and visibility into company data Industry: Manufacturer of Heavy Equipment Employees: 2.254 across multiple locations Established: in 1982 Modules Used: since 2005– HR Base– Payroll– Time & Attendance Added Modules: in  2019– Training– Recruitment– Performance Becoming the leader the KOMATSU Way Komatsu Indonesia’s 41 year history of innovation and growth has been nothing but remarkable. Founded in 1982 through a joint venture between Komatsu Ltd and PT United Tractors, the company began by assembling components into finished units. Within a few years, Komatsu Indonesia released its first product D85A-18 bulldozer, increased its production capacity with a second plant, and began exporting components to Japan. Establishing its cross and multi-sourcing strategies and a new full-scale manufacturing facility comprising a complete machinery plant as well as components, strengthened Komatsu Indonesia’s  position as a world-wide supplier and partner. Throughout their journey, Komatsu Indonesia has consistently expanded its portfolio of innovative, high-quality products while staying agile in response to market dynamics, all guided by their ‘Continuous Improvement’- Principle. This principle extends to all aspects of their operation including customer service orientation and the management of their 2254 employees spread across Indonesia. As a unique blend of Japanese and Indonesian cultures, Komatsu Indonesia places great value on discipline and hard work. Therefore, they emphasize communication, collaboration, skill development and work-life balance to empower their teams in performing in alignment with these values and the company’s goals. Empowering a sustainable future – The KOMATSU Way Komatsu Indonesia credits its success to its highly skilled employees, whose commitment to quality and innovation is a driver of the company’s strength from the get go. ‘Creating highly motivated & capable employees’ is one of Komatsu’s three mission statements and they show that in the way they manage their people. Focused on talent developments, the company provides a dynamic and high-spirited workplace where plenty of opportunities to enhance skills, experiences and accomplishments can be found. With the help of innovative technologies their teams are given the tools to continuously improve their capacities with the ultimate goal of maintaining the company’s top position in the industry. Komatsu Indonesia has supported the management of its workforce with SunFish since 2005 which was in version 3 at that time. Back then the company was focused on headcount visibility, timely payroll, attendance tracking, simplified reporting to headquarters and training. According to Miss Eva, the inefficiencies in  these areas were Komatsu Indonesia’s core pain points: “Previously, every process in HR and Personnel flow, such as attendance, reimbursement, payroll, performance, and training were done conventionally and manually using MS Excel. We needed a lot of manpower to hasten the process.” Recognized for its excellence in operations, Komatsu was designated as the center of operations for all of Indonesia in 2006. In that new function, the team had to provide HR shared services to five subsidiaries in multiple locations including managing their payroll. Having to adjust quickly to the responsibilities, the Komatsu Indonesia HR team upgraded to SunFish version 5 to support the new multi-company environment and shared service delivery model better. The HR team derived tremendous benefits from the automation of their HR including: Centralized and speedy  payroll process from a day to one hour Automated tax calculation and reliable year-end tax estimations ePayslips removed a day of cutting and distributing 2000 employee paper payslips Fast leave request to approval workflow Many report options with real-time data cut a day of report creation in Excel Ability to interface data from ID swipe card with other attendance functionalities and payroll With SunFish, Komatsu Indonesia had found a solution that was an ideal match to their requirements then and was scalable to grow with them in the future. Thus, started a long-lasting partnership that is fruitful still today. As the company grew and changed over the years, so did SunFish to accommodate their journey. The Pandemic as Catalyst for more Innovation Everything was working smoothly and in-sync until the pandemic took hold of the world and upset work life as we knew it. Suddenly confronted with new regulations regarding work-from-home and work-from-office, Komatsu Indonesia’s SunFish 5 attendance feature lacked the depth of functionality to track work-from-home work hours and the tasks employees were working on. Following the Komatsu way, the company dealt with this new situation head on by innovating their HR once more. In 2020 Komatsu upgraded to the then latest version SunFish 6. In the latest upgrade, Komatsu Indonesia not only improved and deepened functionalities in the original core functions to track productivity better but also digitized more operational processes including reimbursement, performance and training. Moreover, it embraced the SunFish mobile app to provide the ultimate employee experience and implement the required WFH regulations. The main gains of the new version were in the: deeper functionality of the HR system in general, more: more reports, more attendance features, improved data verification, better data display, graphical data visualization, improved user workflows, etc.; the automation and integration of other HR processes such as reimbursement and loan, performance, and training; the ability to decrease the payroll process cycle from 1 hour to 15 minutes for all employees; standardizing

Komatsu Upgrades SunFish HR Platform to Keep Pace with Changing Times, Demonstrating Commitment to Continuous Improvement Read More »

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