Benefits Management

The transition from classic benefits management to customized employee advantages.

In the current work environment, employees regard benefits packages with equal importance as their salaries, appreciating the perks and flexibility offered to them and their families. Consequently, benefits have evolved into a key factor in an organization’s proposition of employee value. The Payroll-integrated Benefits feature in Workplaze ensures a superior management experience for both staff and HR personnel.

Feature Highlights

Enhance the range of employee benefits by adding options like cash advances, Bill Top-Up, Bank Transfers, and Earned Wage Access (EWA).


Workplaze assists HR departments in creating and managing tailored benefits programs. Set up various internal or external benefits with rules for eligibility, enrollment, and approvals, ensuring compliance with policies. This integrates smoothly with other systems, including payroll.

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Handle travel arrangements from budgeting based on variable factors; to approving bookings, and managing cash advance reconciliations. Through ESS, employees can request advances to be offset against actual expenses. This system can be linked to payroll or operated independently, depending on your company’s preferences.

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Offer loan benefits as a part of your organization’s commitment to employee welfare. Establish diverse loan schemes, detailing the terms and regulations of the lending process.

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Through the Benefits app, implement an Earned Wage Access program. This allows employees to access their earned salary based on their workdays, enabling early withdrawals for urgent needs or daily expenses before payday.

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Empower employees to access their salary in emergencies, facilitating immediate salary advances. These advances are seamlessly integrated into the payroll system for deduction, maintaining a record of each transaction.

Offer more solutions to ease the financial management for your busy employees. Features like bill payments, credit top-ups, and multi-bank transfers are available through our user-friendly mobile benefits app, designed to simplify employees’ lives.

Ease of Handling

Administer Claims, Loans and Other Benefits Easily Through Automation and Integration to Third Party Providers

Supporting Your Workforce

  • Assist employees in financial management.
  • Alleviate stress associated with ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ schemes and high-interest loans
  • Accelerate the processing of benefits claims.
  • Present more suitable insurance choices.
  • Facilitate easy access to expense tracking and streamline request processing.
  • Provide summaries of balances and usage for clear understanding.
  • Implement adaptable Benefits programs.

Regulation and Management

  • Streamline the entire benefits process, from initiation to payment, minimizing time and expenses associated with managing claims and loans.
  • Achieve rapid disbursement while enhancing both transparency and precision through automated adherence to established rules.
  • Seamlessly connect with the payroll system to maintain control and transparency over the loan and claims procedures.
  • Ensure that employee claims, whether for themselves or family members, are always in line with the most current policies.
  • Utilize integrated analytics and reporting tools for improved insight into expenditure and enhanced cost management.

Flexible & Intergrated

  • Streamlined Benefits Management.
  • Effortlessly set up diverse benefit and loan programs.
  • Define budget caps and eligibility criteria based on job grade/level or additional factors.
  • Incorporate options for dependents and beneficiaries.
  • Accommodate individual employee needs.
  • Flawless integration with the Payroll system.
  • Consolidate employee, insurance, loan, and other benefit information on a single platform.

“Previously, we always ran the Payroll management manually, so we had to be extra careful in making sure the calculations and numbers were correct. That took a lot of time. Now, with Workplaze all the formulas have been implemented once and since then automated the whole process. That makes Workplaze very helpful and it delivers the results that we wanted.”


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