Career Management

Effortless handling of essential career details and transitions, ranging from onboarding to separation, across various roles and locations. This includes automated updates to the organizational chart, employee primary data, and payroll systems


Core Functionalities

Efficiently handle career progression and associated workflow alterations from recruitment to rotations, changes, promotions, through to termination and offboarding. Accommodate structures of multiple companies and intra-group career shifts. Monitor updates related to new career phases in a comparative before-and-after manner, covering aspects like supervisors, managers, payroll details, service contracts, etc.

Facilitates recording of essential HR activities related to an employee’s career journey, including recruitment, reassignments, promotions, and more – executed directly or through an approval system based on assigned privileges. Changes in organizational structure, positions, and payroll are displayed for easy comparison of pre and post states, while keeping a record of historical data for reference and analysis.

Enables batch updating of career modifications for numerous employees simultaneously using standardized file formats for terminations and other career moves. A summary gauge displays the success and failure rates of uploads, along with a file detailing the issues that hindered a successful upload.

The Recognition feature allows HR to formally acknowledge employee contributions to work, while the Discipline section is utilized for issuing warnings for unacceptable conduct. Both are integrated with the Performance Module, contributing positively or negatively to an employee’s overall development evaluation.

Streamlines the termination process for HR departments, ensuring no detail is overlooked. The system generates a checklist of pending matters (like loan settlements, pending expenses, leave balances, service contracts, equipment return, etc.) that must be resolved before an employee’s departure and final salary payment. These issues are organized categorically for a systematic tracking of completion.

Provides wide-ranging access to organizational data through dashboards, analytics, and customizable reports.

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