Navigating HR Complexity: We’re Here to Assist

With the evolving dynamics of employer-employee relationships and emerging topics like Objective Key Results (OKR), employee experience, wellness, Flex Benefits, and HR’s role as a value creator gaining prominence, even seasoned HR professionals may find themselves grappling with the increasing complexity and multitude of HR challenges. Companies might also face unexpected HR requirements, discovering gaps in their capabilities or knowledge to effectively address these issues.

What Does an HR Concierge Do?

In a landscape where comprehensive HR expertise is challenging, and the need for new perspectives is ever-present, we propose an alternative to mere outsourcing or relying solely on HR technology. Enter our ALL-IN-ONE HR CONCIERGE Services.

This service introduces an innovative on-demand model for HR and business leaders to augment their Human Capital Management skills. The concept revolves around engaging HR specialists to provide targeted services, rather than striving to manage all HR tasks internally. Leveraging the expertise of these specialists can enhance in-house strategic HR efforts and decision-making, enabling HR to plan more effectively.

These services are offered through a “subscription-based and managed services” model (HR as a Service), prioritizing business-aligned Service Level Agreements (SLAs) over transactional volume. Additionally, our continuous reviews and analytics are designed to bolster HR efficiency, elevate experiences, and ensure the realization of business objectives.

What Advantages Does This Offer?

HR Specialization

  • It’s unrealistic for any one person to master all aspects of HR, given its complexity. This service provides timely expert access for critical HR matters.
  • Outsourcing to our HR specialists can help reduce costs and improve the quality of HR service delivery.

Service-Driven Management

  • Operating under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) focused managed service model, it encourages collaboration towards common goals set by Business Leaders.
  • Shared costs, quality, and productivity SLAs with in-house HR teams ensure a unified approach to goal achievement.

Tailored Solutions

  • Service offerings can be more specifically customized compared to traditional outsourcing models.
  • Integrating HR technology, operations, and expertise ensures a smoother and enhanced employee experience.

Core Services Offerings

Strategic HR Consulting

Revolutionizing people strategies by transitioning from traditional HR roles to a more focused and segmented approach.

Our strategy services aim to align business and HR objectives, optimizing HR strategies and processes for organizational efficiency.

Digital HR Tools

Transform backend HR databases into engaging frontend user experiences to enhance employee interactions.

Our digital tools focus on leveraging technology as a pivotal factor in HR transformation, driving process efficiency and elevating the overall employee HR experience.

Operational HR Management

Shifting the HR role from policy enforcement to becoming agile business advisors.

Our operations services enhance clients’ end-to-end HR operational capabilities, enabling them to focus on strategic advisory roles within the business.

Revolutionary HR Service Solutions

1 – Profiling Needs and Requirements

An initial evaluation is carried out to comprehend the specific requirements of your organization.

2 – Tailoring Our Services

After gathering your needs, we design a personalized service package.

3 – Meeting Your Account Manager

Introducing your dedicated Consulting account manager.

4 – Launching Your HR Journey

Begin your journey with our managed HR services, guided by our expert consultants.

Face-to-face or online consultation with top executives to grasp strategic objectives and challenges.

Choose from our array of HR services, ranging from single-time setups to ongoing monthly arrangements.

This individual will act as your main point of contact throughout all our managed services.

A transition period is anticipated as you adapt to new operational methods and capabilities.

An initial HR diagnostic is performed to pinpoint your HR challenges and areas for improvement.

The scope of our services is customized in a proposal that aligns with your budget and timeframe.

We facilitate the establishment of effective working relationships and a joint team charter.

Our expertise in human capital management and change processes ensures you stay aligned with your strategic objectives.

Why Opt for Subscription-Based HR Services

Smart Choice

  • Only pay for the services you use, ensuring value for money.
  • Services can be tailored to evolving requirements, allowing you to shift focus as needed.


  • Everything works on a rolling basis.
  • Emphasis on results over specific tasks.
  • No hidden fees for services not included in the plan.
  • More control over budgets, facilitating cost savings.


  • Clear understanding of monthly expenses and the results they yield.
  • Defined responsibilities and deadlines for the protection and transparency of all involved.

Single Point of Contact

  • One dedicated partner addressing all your HR needs.
  • Streamlines management of various operations for simplicity.
  • Enhanced project outcomes due to more efficient collaboration and oversight.


  • Our service provider requires only a one-time familiarization, saving time on future projects.
  • Eliminates the need to repeatedly brief new teams.


  • Service provider can anticipate needs, plan and resolve accordingly
  • If during one project new needs arise they can be accounted for the following months

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