HR Solutions for the Mid-Market Segment

Humanica is committed to catering to a diverse range of target markets. Beyond our premium HR solutions, Humantrix and SunFish, we also provide mid-market solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our offerings include TigerSoft HR, delivering cost-effective hardware solutions for Time Attendance Recording and security needs. Additionally, we offer GreatDay HR, a straightforward and efficient HRIS software designed to handle all your HR-related tasks seamlessly.


Leading HR Solutions in Thailand – Renowned for delivering top-tier Human Resources Management systems, complemented by economical Time Attendance Recorder installations and security-focused hardware solutions.

Product and Services

HR Management Software – TigerSoft’s Human Management Program

TigerSoft provides a human management program tailored to suit businesses of all types, featuring a user-friendly interface. This program is designed for organizational customization, allowing companies to adapt it according to their specific preferences and needs.

Time Attendance and Access Control Hardware

Our Time Attendance Recording system comes with comprehensive installation and dedicated after-sales service. Our goal is to assist organizations in managing and allocating work more efficiently among employees. In addition to accurately recording clock-in and clock-out times, we enhance security through support from globally recognized brands.

Tiger Payroll Outsourcing & Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Our Tiger Payroll Outsourcing Services provide comprehensive payroll support, managed by a team of experienced professionals. Additionally, we offer rental and maintenance services for time attendance recorders and other hardware under the TigerSoft brand, ensuring seamless operation and reliability.

GreatDay HR

Comprehensive HRIS Software for Every HR FunctionAll-in-One HRIS Software to Manage Every HR Task

GreatDay HR delivers an integrated, automated platform designed to effortlessly handle every facet of the employee lifecycle. This includes managing payroll and tax computations, tracking attendance, processing leave applications, and handling reimbursements, all in one seamless system.

Essential Features to Meet All Your HR Management Requirements

HRIS: A Human Management Program for Every Business

This user-friendly system supports businesses of all types, offering flexible configuration options to tailor the program to your organization’s specific needs.

Streamlined Leave and Overtime Requests

Simplify your approval procedures. Employees can easily submit requests for leave and overtime with just a few clicks, and the efficient approval process guarantees prompt responses.

Social Hub: Interactive Company-Employee Platform

Foster dynamic interactions between the company and employees through an internal social media platform, designed to share joyful moments and celebrate achievements.

Efficient Task Management

The GreatDay HR app streamlines the process of assigning, receiving, and completing tasks. Providing feedback and conducting appraisals is now effortless and just a click away!

Advanced Attendance System

Featuring facial recognition technology and geotagging capabilities, clocking in and out is as simple as taking a selfie!

Performance Monitoring with Activity Recording

Monitor your employees’ performance effectively using the Activity Recording feature, which is enhanced with GPS tracking and provides real-time data.

Effortless Shift Scheduling

Experience the ease of managing, creating, and modifying shift schedules like never before. With payroll and attendance integration, any adjustments to shifts are automatically updated system-wide.

Streamlined Payroll Processing

Experience swift and precise payroll calculations, integrated seamlessly with the attendance system. This feature also includes automatic alignment and distribution of payslips for added convenience.

Mobile Payslips for Secure Access Anytime, Anywhere

Gain the convenience of accessing password-protected mobile payslips with peace of mind, allowing you to view all salary components in detail within the app, no matter where you are.

Outsourcing Services

Experience seamless shift schedule management, creation, and adjustments like never before. Thanks to payroll and attendance integration, any modifications to shifts are automatically synchronized across the entire system.

Outsourcing Solutions

Our core-supporting features are suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering powerful flexibility. Our advanced features are designed to help you address and overcome any challenges you may encounter.

Real-Time Performance Management

Say goodbye to annual evaluations. With our app, you can actively manage employee performance in real-time, providing actionable feedback whenever it’s needed.

Efficient Candidate Selection

Effortlessly filter the most qualified candidates and conduct interviews with them directly through the app.

Enhanced Workspace Safety with ITCS

Guarantee the safety of your workspace with the GreatDay HR-powered Intelligent Temperature Checking System (ITCS), seamlessly integrated with the attendance system

Simplify and optimize HR and talent management, making it more efficient and accessible than ever before with our all-in-one solution.

Experience the Ease

  • Mobile and Remote Accessibility
    We prioritize a great user experience. That’s why the GreatDay HR app is designed to be mobile-friendly, providing a seamless experience for you and your team, whether you’re in the office or on the go.
  • Effortless Setup
    Managing employee data has never been simpler. Your employees can easily download the app from the PlayStore and App Store for a convenient and rapid setup process.
  • Real-Time Accuracy
    Every check-in and check-out is automatically timestamped, guaranteeing accurate attendance data and preventing fraud.

Time-Saving Benefits

  • Seamless Integration, Instant Updates
    GreatDay HR operates in the cloud, ensuring rapid data updates and seamless integration across all relevant functions.
  • Effortless Employee Oversight
    Monitoring and receiving performance notifications from your employees via your phone frees up more time for you to concentrate on your company’s expansion..
  • Swift and Precise Payroll Processing
    With GreatDay HR and our Multi-country tax compliance, you can complete your payroll calculations in under an hour, saving valuable time.

Increase Productivity

  • Less Hassle, More Hustle
    Administrative tasks can be both tiresome and time-consuming. Let us handle them for you, freeing up your time to drive business growth.
  • Boost Company-Employee Engagement
    An engaged workforce is a productive one. GreatDay HR facilitates tasks, appraisals, feedback, activity tracking, and more, fostering engagement among employees.
  • Eliminate Employee Request Delays
    Employees can swiftly submit leave, overtime, reimbursement, and claim requests to the company, eliminating the need for complex approval processes and reducing waiting times.

Cost Savings

  • Cut Expenditure to Boost Earnings
    Significantly decrease expenses related to paper and additional manpower by investing in GreatDay HR, ultimately contributing to increased profits.
  • Cost-Effective and Dependable
    Our affordable annual subscription allows you to rapidly expand your company. Furthermore, our cloud storage adheres to internationally certified security standards, ensuring reliability and data protection..

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