Transforming the Landscape with Myplaze Ecosystem

Experience a world where technology and HR Solutions converge, leading a technological revolution.

We hold a firm belief that the true potential of any organization lies in its people. Advanced HR technology solutions are poised to redefine what we know as Human Capital Management, offering broader and more impactful benefits when they are seamlessly integrated.

Myplaze Ecosystem by Workplaze is the solution for your business needs

The Challenge

  • It’s a tough task for any single solution provider to meet all the needs of an organization and its employees.
  • Relying on a mix of solutions from different providers often leads to a confusing and challenging integration process.

Our Solution: The Workplaze Myplaze Ecosystem

Our Workplaze Myplaze ecosystem empowers organizations by bringing in certified third-party vendors. These vendors complement your needs with extra solutions, all while ensuring top-notch, secure data integrations that respect data privacy.

  • Provision of diverse content
  • Enhancements and additional features to the existing Workplaze suite
  • Access to services from third parties
Workplaze Myplaze by Workplaze allows collaboration and integration

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Organizations can now choose specific solutions within the ecosystem, either through subscription-based models or one-off purchases. This flexibility enables them to establish controlled data connections with Workplaze, allowing these chosen solutions to securely access and interact with Workplaze data and functionalities.

Prominent Partners in the Workplaze Ecosystem

Benix stands out as a pioneering digital insurance broker in Thailand. More than just brokerage, we offer versatile InsurTech solutions. Our innovative online platform and technology assist in establishing your reputation as a caring employer.

Benix logo
Benefits by GreatDay logo

Earned Wage Access empowers employees by offering them the ability to access part of their earned salary at any point in the month. This feature facilitates immediate transfers to bank accounts, eWallets, or for bill payments. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with the monthly payroll system in Workplaze for easy reconciliation.

Conical revolutionizes e-learning by providing content and tools via Myplaze. These are designed to create engaging, efficient, and enjoyable learning experiences. The aim is to foster the acquisition of new skills and behaviors through habit-forming, life-integrated learning strategies.

Conicle logo
Rabbit Cash logo

Rabbit Cash offers a novel approach to employee loans, providing online microloans at preferential rates. This innovative solution includes an automated repayment mechanism, directly linked to the employee’s salary.

Pragma & Will specialize in strategic HR consulting, aiding organizations in data analytics and policy formulation. Their integration with Workplaze enhances large-scale data analysis and unlocks superior reporting capabilities, essential for informed decision-making.

Pragma & Will Group logo
Pharm Care logo

Pharmcare steps in with tele-doctor and tele-pharmacy services, facilitating better healthcare access for employees and reducing absenteeism due to illness. They also streamline the annual medical testing process, assisting organizations in coordinating, tracking, and distributing test results.

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