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Optimize your payroll with flexible components, full automation and accurate processing.

Payroll is one of the most complex processes for HR and Finance. By integrating and automating data from attendance, benefits, claims and payroll in one single access platform, Workplaze is making payroll more efficient and intelligent.

Through flexible pay components, automated calculations, smart audits and a step by step guidance and checklist through the payroll process, Workplaze offers control, flexibility and transparency to support any company’s unique spectrum of enterprise payroll tasks.

Features Highlight

Accuracy, compliance, speed and timeliness are critical elements of payroll operations. Elevate the employee experience through guided processes, automated payslips, on-demand self-service, and timely payments while being fully compliant with Workplaze’s automated payroll and tax processing.


Use unlimited components to calculate allowance, deduction and neutral components with support for complex, user definable calculations to accommodate almost any calculation requirement. Support adjustments for internal deductions (e.g. loans, insurance, various overtime/ expense schemes), multiple jurisdiction tax calculation, mixed currencies pay components, etc.

Simplify basic payroll processing and improve employee effectiveness with support for complex compensation plans enabled through flexible pay component and automated calculations.

Multi country compliant tax and compliance processing with automated reporting.

24/7 accessible self-service payroll portal for employees to view any salary related information.

Multiple ways of analysis including brief in-Page statistics, dashboard data visuals, standard reports; information feeds; and AI based reminders provide the right people with the right data in the format they want to keep everyone on the same page and ensure informed decision making.

Via a centralized screen users are guided step by step through the tasks of the payroll cycle from start to finish. From selecting the pay period to updating relevant data, processing attendance, loans and expenses, the system lists all the steps involved and tracks their progress of completion.

Manage Complex Payroll and Tax Compliance Requirements with a Robust Solution

Intuitive and Pleasant Employee Experience

  • User-friendly, guided steps to assist payroll admin with fulfillment of all payroll critical inputs for each cycle run
  • Intuitive user interface with toggle buttons to indicate completeness of payroll steps
  • Mobile and web Self service for employees to:
  • View passport protected salary data
  • Retrieve payslips
  • Submitting their taxes
  • Audit their tax and other contributions with embedded Tax calculators

Integrated and Compliant

  • HR transactions area integrated with Payroll
  • Tax import and sharing between group companies
  • Single platform for your global payroll operation with localized compliance
  • Automatic calculation of taxes and contributions according to regulatory requirements in supported countries
  • Auto generate monthly and annual tax reports

Data from Multiple

  • Unlimited components to calculate allowance, deduction and neutral components
  • Support complex, user definable calculations to accommodate almost any calculation requirement
  • Multiple jurisdiction tax calculations
  • Use simple or complex multidimensional variables to determine base calculation values
  • Support payroll calculations with mixed currencies, gross/net tax methods, inter-cost center allocations, multiple companies and split of payments to cash or many banks

“Previously, we always ran the Payroll management manually, so we had to be extra careful in making sure the calculations and numbers were correct. That took a lot of time. Now, with Workplaze all the formulas have been implemented once and since then automated the whole process. That makes Workplaze very helpful and it delivers the results that we wanted.”

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