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Workplaze provides a holistic solution for workforce planning, applicant tracking, decentralized selection processes, and onboarding. It ensures successful hiring within budget constraints and minimizes delays in staff acquisition..

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Key Features

Workplaze offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline workforce management. It integrates strategic headcount planning with financial budgeting for effective expenditure management. The system simplifies applicant data collection from various sources and includes quick skill matching and filtering capabilities. Collaborative communication tools, such as built-in chat functions, facilitate seamless coordination among stakeholders throughout the hiring process, from scheduling to final decisions.

Comprehensive Manpower Planning with Workplaze

Workplaze facilitates forward-thinking analysis of current workforce data to project future labor and skill requirements, aligning with organizational goals.

Streamlines headcount planning for managers by providing current workforce data by position and type, with options for adjustments over configurable periods.

Enables detailed analysis of manpower needs by position and employment status, forecasting annual manpower plans and identifying workforce or skill gaps.

Aggregates headcount requests from various organizational units for streamlined approvals and adjustments, leading to the finalization of the manpower plan.

Produces cost estimates based on requested headcounts and compares these with financial budgets to ensure workforce plans adhere to Compensation & Benefits (C&B) budgets.

Initiates recruitment processes aligned with Management Personnel Plans (MPP), monitoring discrepancies between ongoing recruitment and MPP requirements. MPPs serve as a basis for automatic recruitment approval, while also accommodating ad-hoc recruitment that may require additional approvals.

Enables proactive configuration of applicant criteria for upcoming vacancies, including special requirements, selection methods, evaluators, and the overall process.

Facilitates importing and customizing job descriptions from organizational data. Provides templates for creating effective job ads that combine job descriptions with specific skill requirements.

Offers templates to define and adjust the selection process for unique requirements. Allows adding collaborators, giving them access to applicant data, and automating interview schedules and other related processes.

Utilizes standard templates for preliminary questions and allows the addition of extra requirements to automatically filter and rank applicants.

Efficient Vacancy Management with Workplaze

Workplaze is designed to reduce hiring cycle times and enhance candidate selection by streamlining job-specific recruitment processes and ensuring all involved are well-informed about their roles and progress.

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Streamlined Recruitment & Selection with Workplaze

Workplaze enables rapid and efficient execution of selection processes. It ensures that all collaborators have access to necessary data and that required steps are completed punctually. Detailed tracking is employed to enhance the quality of selections and safeguard against discriminatory hiring practices.

Begins with collecting basic candidate information from multiple sources for initial filtering. As the hiring process advances, more detailed information is gathered. Utilizes straightforward call-to-action buttons to smoothly advance applications through various stages.

Facilitates quick movement of applicants through essential recruitment stages with thorough tracking and auditability of decisions.

Enables direct coordination between applicants and interviewers for scheduling. Provides interviewers with question templates and tracks their feedback to enhance collaboration and interview effectiveness.

Automatically excludes candidates failing at any recruitment stage and ranks finalists. Grants decision-makers access to inputs from all collaborators and results from interviews/tests, aiding in making well-informed hiring decisions.

High-level overview of the recruitment status for various job positions

Seamlessly add online recruitment functionality to your existing corporate website. Provide comprehensive company information and promotional materials, such as videos. List current job openings and gather applicant information directly through the website.

Link your online recruitment system to various job boards. This integration helps control the applicant experience more effectively and reduces irrelevant applications by requiring candidates to submit the specific data needed during application.

Applicants input their data in a structured format, facilitating easy comparison, and ensuring the data is searchable and reusable for future positions. This structured data also aids in the seamless transition of successful candidates' information into the onboarding process for new employees.

Boosting Employer Brand through Online Recruitment

Workplaze improves your employer branding by directing candidates to your organization's dedicated job portal. This serves as a unified point of entry for recruitment, ensuring that applicant data is comprehensive and well-organized, thereby enhancing the candidate experience and streamlining the selection process.

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Add online recruitment to your existing website.  Provide company information and promotional videos, list vacancies and collect applicant data.

Link your online recruitment to job boards to better control the applicant experience and reduce applicant spam by requiring applicants to enter the data you require when applying.

Have applicants enter data in a structured format to ensure that they are easily comparable and that applicant data is searchable/reusable for future positions as well as being directly imported to onboarding of new employees.

Enhancing First Impressions and Efficiency

Workplaze focuses on creating a positive initial impression for applicants while simultaneously improving compliance, fostering collaboration, and shortening the hiring cycle.

Enhance communication with candidates using the integrated applicant chat feature, ensuring clear and direct interaction throughout the recruitment process.

Utilize the chat function for coordinating interview schedules with applicant collaborators. The online recruitment scheduling tools include reminders and are seamlessly integrated into the selection process.

Centralize all applicant communications in one accessible location for everyone involved in the recruitment process. Maintain a record of all historical conversations for audit and compliance purposes, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Following applicant pre-screening, conduct secure and live video interviews using Workplaze Meet, providing a more personal and interactive evaluation experience.

SunFish’s Recruitment module has a feature called ‘Applicant Tracking’ , which was so helpful in creating a manpower and search candidates by a myriad of different criteria filters.

VADS Indonesia employs multiple channels, including their company website and social media platforms, for candidate identification. By integrating SunFish Recruitment into their corporate website and social media, the HR team can seamlessly transfer applicant data into their internal HR system. Here, a standardized filter and shortlisting process, customized for each client’s specific requirements, is applied..

Furthermore, the system’s built-in automation ensures that shortlisted candidates consistently undergo a tailored selection process, including both offline and online interviews. The presence of a transparent rating system further assists in making optimal hiring decisions for each customer. Read the full customer story here.

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