Offering Flexibility and Clarity to Satisfy All Requirements

The scheduling feature in Workplaze is designed to deliver exceptional flexibility and transparency. It effectively manages shifts and timetables for employees, whether they are on regular, fixed shifts or varied rosters across numerous locations. This system also enhances communication between managers and staff regarding spontaneous shift adjustments.

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Key Features

Efficiently schedule employees using a range of fixed plans (e.g., 8am-5pm), or empower supervisors to arrange daily rosters, including split and overnight shifts.

Automate time recording for certain employees, manage automated overtime tracking, and facilitate the conversion of overtime hours into either payment or additional leave.

Enable flexible scheduling for employees, calculate required minimum working hours automatically, and permit staff to swap shifts either directly or with managerial approval.

Monitor multiple work locations and implement automated tracking for employees across different time zones.

Flexible Yet Controlled Management

Adaptable to Sudden Changes

Unexpected events are a regular part of work life. Managers might need to find quick replacements when an employee falls ill or requires emergency leave. With SunFish’s daily rostering, managers can respond swiftly and adjust shifts to accommodate such last-minute changes.

Enhanced Employee Engagement with ESS

Both managers and employees have access to the central scheduling page. Employees can view schedules, express their preferences, propose swap offers, and request shift alterations using various action buttons on the main scheduling page. This system enhances communication among all involved, streamlining the creation of shift plans that satisfy everyone’s requirements.

Facilitated Shift Swapping

Empower employees to manage their schedules while ensuring your operations remain staffed. Allow staff to exchange shifts among themselves, with or without supervisor approval, based on the system’s settings.

Unified Scheduling Interface

A straightforward calendar view on the centralized scheduling page enables both managers and employees to spot scheduling conflicts and directly make necessary adjustments to the schedule.

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