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Explore the extensive range of services offered by Humanica Consulting for complete solutions in people management. We offer everything from strategic advice on people management to shared service operations and top-tier HR practices. Our experienced consultants deliver all-inclusive assistance, enabling you to enhance your workforce effectively.

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What Does Humanica Consulting Service Offer?

Humanica Consulting Service provides a tailored approach to enhance your human resources management. It focuses on creating a work environment that emphasizes the well-being, efficiency, and career advancement of employees. Tackling challenges like hostile workplace conditions, mismatched compensation structures, and internal disparities, this service aims to significantly reduce organizational stress.

With a strong reputation in data analytics, Humanica Consulting has become a prominent name in Southeast Asia in the realm of effective personnel strategies. It gathers and interprets internal data to produce detailed reports that pinpoint practical steps for improving the company’s culture. These customized strategies are crafted to promote teamwork and cooperation, which helps in preventing talent loss within the organization.

Workforce Analytics and Insights

Workforce Management Advisory

HR Transformation Advisory

Improve and Update HR Operating Model with Our Experts

Humanica Consulting Service introduces an advanced HR operating model that facilitates significant transformational changes, addressing the limitations of traditional HR frameworks. We provide innovative methods to revolutionize your journey towards HR transformation. To achieve a fruitful HR transformation, an organization needs these essential elements

Clarifying the HR Operating Model: From Confusion to Clarity

Crafting an HR framework that evolves with the workforce dynamics involves setting clear roles and policies, and pinpointing essential technologies. The evolution of HR demands providing HRBPs with distinct role clarity, enabling them to concentrate on strategic tasks and giving business leaders more responsibility.

Streamlining Efficiency:
From Gatekeepers to Advisors

Around 72% of HR tasks are usually undertaken by functional experts who serve as policy and process gatekeepers in their HR domains. Our approach is to simplify, automate, and digitize, optimizing resources to reduce costs and enhance productivity in administrative tasks.

Developing Effective Human Capital Strategy Programs

Formulating strategies to attract, retain, and nurture top talent, which includes employee training programs, competitive compensation and benefits, and fostering a healthy work environment.

Transforming HR Technology:
From Backend Database to Front-End User Experience

HR digital tools are vital for improving process efficiency and enriching the employee experience. A well-suited HR technology suite is crucial to meet the emerging needs of the future workforce.

What Humanica Consulting Service Provides

Humanica Consulting Service is an expert in data analytics, leveraging this expertise to improve HR team efficiency and better align them with employee needs. Their services encompass a variety of solutions

Revamp your people strategy by transitioning from the confusion associated with traditional HR roles to clear, specialized, and segmented roles.

  • Enhance your HR strategy and processes for future business requirements.
  • Gain strategic advantage with alignment between business and HR strategies, and insights derived from human capital analytics.

Transform your HR team from traditional policy and process gatekeepers to a dynamic network of business advisors.

  • Organize for a seamless transition towards new modes of operations across your service delivery and vendors.
  • Achieve higher operational efficiency by outsourcing your operational needs to our experts.
Transform and enhance your employee experience by upgrading from traditional backend HR databases to more engaging, user-friendly frontend interfaces.

  • Introduce cutting-edge HR digital tools to boost your HR services and operational effectiveness.
  • Receive comprehensive support in tech operations and maintenance for a seamless digital operation.

Getting your HR ready for AI & Automation

  • Talent Management Strategy
  • Employee Value Proposition Design for Gen-Z
  • HR Transformation Project Managemen
  • HR Analytics Outsourcing
  • Organization Design
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Performance Strategy & Competency Framework Design

Humanica Consulting Services: Superior On-Demand HR Assistance

The extensive expertise of Humanica Consulting Services in data analysis allows us to exceed industry norms and take HR operations to advanced levels. Key features that differentiate Humanica include:

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Expanding Beyond Basic HR Technology and Outsourcing We extend our services to include value-added offerings and insightful solutions that align with and support your business objectives.

Beginning with Core HR Functions Our approach starts with fundamental HR activities such as recruitment, onboarding, learning, and managing performance. These services are designed to ensure a seamless and consistent experience for employees.

Enhancing HR Efficiency with Continuous Assessment and Data Analysis We focus on elevating HR effectiveness through regular reviews and detailed analytics. This not only enriches the employee experience but also aids in achieving tangible results and outcomes.

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