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Eigerindo Creates Resilient Organization With SunFish HR Platform

The customer Company: PT Eigerindo Multi Produk Industri or known as Eiger is today the largest outdoor lifestyle and adventure equipment manufacturing and retail company in Indonesia. Bodypack, Eiger, and Exsport are famous brands in Indonesia and known for their quality bags and fashion lifestyle products. Founded by Ronny Lukito in 1989 in Bandung, Eiger started production of bags with two sewing machines. That small production turned into a mini bag shop and from there underwent a remarkable success story driven by innovation, creativity and the desire to empower people to reach their full potential. To date, Eiger has 3 Flagship Stores, 34 showrooms and 237 stores spread throughout Indonesia and has just started tapping into global markets with the opening of its first overseas store in Switzerland. Key Achievements Digitalize and automate operational &  strategic HR module Single platform for all HR tasks and data Improved data integration Less than 1% errors in data processing Reduced time spent on administrative activities Increased accuracy in competency management by 90% EX aligned with the company’s strategy Improved employee development 10x faster performance appraisal management process Industry: Manufacture and retail of outdoor and adventure apparel & equipment Employees: 2.373 across multiple locations Stores: 237 across Indonesia, 1 overseas Established:  in 1989 Modules Used: since 2019 HR Base Payroll Time & Attendance Performance Training Recruitment To be a blessing to others and the environment Every mountaineer and nature enthusiast in Indonesia knows Eiger Adventure. Bodypack, Eiger, and Exsport are famous fashion lifestyle brands known for their stylishness, innovativeness, and high-quality, international standards. Starting out as a small bag-shop over two decades ago, Eiger today sells outdoor apparel and equipment in product categories Mountaineering, Riding, and Authentic 1989, catering to climbers, bikers, and hikers who love classic designs.  The name EIGER was inspired by the famous Eiger mountain in the Swiss Alps, whose north face wall ranks amongst the most challenging and dangerous ascents to climb. The mountain serves well as a metaphor for Eigers own successful journey to the top of the lifestyle product industry – from humble beginnings with two sewing machines to a globally operating retailer with 250 stores in 137 cities across the archipelago and in Switzerland. Through consistently hard work, strong will, and commitment, Eiger built award-winning products and an outstanding reputation receiving several prestigious recognition, such as the Upakarti from the Indonesian government, The Shahwali Award for environmental commitment, and the Arch of Europe Gold Star Award for Quality for commitment to the highest standard. Besides focusing on outdoor activities, EIGER prioritizes environmental sustainability and social responsibility, aiming to educate and inspire people on green life, Expedition, and Responsibility. In their own words, the company aspirations are: Employees are Eiger’s heart and soul Eigerindo credits its success to its people. The company’s culture is dedicated to empowering their employees and inspiring greatness. Collaboration, feedback and growth are the pillars of their people’s practice. As Hendra Lim explains: “We have something truly special that we fondly refer to as S.H.A.R.E. (Servanthood, Harmony, Agile, Respect, and Empowerment). SHARE isn’t just a guideline; it’s more like a guiding compass for every step our employees take. It’s designed to inspire their personal growth and help them reach their fullest potential.” The commitment to their people earned Eigerindo MPI the ‘Great Place to Work’ Certification for 2023/2024 given out by the Great Place to Work Institute, which conducted surveys of more than 100 million employees in 49 countries around the world. S.H.A.R.E. plays a critical role in Eigerindo’s mission to provide experiential customer satisfaction in the lifestyle businesses with their  culture and great people. Eigerindo’s S.H.A.R.E. principle serves another purpose, which is to give employees a clear and consistent understanding of the company’s goals and to ensure that their behavior and efforts are aligned with the company’s objectives and strategic direction. “HRIS  is not just a tool, it’s a game-changer” and Digitalization helps to maximize its benefits For Eigerindo MPI, HR is a key business partner that plays a vital role in fine-tuning every aspect of their Human Capital operations. More than that, their HR team is considered the driving force behind the company’s ability to build a resilient organization with a unique competitive edge as well as its readiness to overcome any challenges that cross their way in the future. As a company that is at the forefront of innovation, Eigerindo MPI is fully aware of the benefits modern technology can deliver to achieve great results in process optimization, streamlining workflows, managing people, data & outcomes, and in providing a good employee experience. So, as their headcount and locations grew, the company quickly decided to properly support its workforce management with a digital HR platform. As Mr. Farhan Noer Widagdo, Retail Human Capital Business Partner Supervisor of Eigerindo puts it best: “We emphasize the digitalization and automation of strategic HR modules by transforming Employee Data, Payroll, Performance, Training, and Recruitment modules into an HRIS system by using the SunFish HR Solutions.” Underpinning their HR management and workflow structures with technology has had a considerable impact for the Eigerindo team in reducing time for administrative activities as well as better data integration.  A very noticeable difference Mr. Farhan highlights two very important tangible benefits that his team cherishes the most out of all the improvements SunFish made on their operation: He estimates that thanks to the single platform data access and automation SunFish provides, human errors in data processing have dropped below 1%. He cannot overstate the significant contribution SunFish has made to the company’s performance appraisal management, which is a cornerstone of their people development philosophy: The appraisal process efficiency has greatly enhanced – being about 10 times faster compared to the previous procedure.  The competency management assessment accuracy has increased by 90%, making it an optimal foundation of further employee development. With SunFish and DataOn, Eigerindo MPI has found a solution that can accommodate their HR journey, innovation and growth for the years to come and a team that provides

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