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Digitizes their manual HR with SunFish and centralizes its locations across Indonesia and 5000 employees in one single platform The Customer Company: For 15 years, VADS Indonesia has provided  Contact Centers, Digital Services Solutions, Customer Services Learning Centers, Cloud Services, and more to customers in various industries across Indonesia. Industry: B2B, Contact Center, and Customer Services Outsourcing Employees:  5000 Established: 2008 Locations:  Jakarta, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta Project Goal:  Automating HR Base, Payroll and Recruitment for different client needs. VADS Indonesia is the customer’s chosen partner in the Digital Customer Experience Management PT. VADS Indonesia, a subsidiary of TM ONE, the enterprise and public sector business solutions arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) Group. They started their operations in Indonesia in December 2008. Today, it has grown into one of Indonesia’s leading companies providing digital customer experience management solutions. With 5000 employees allocated over 2 delivery sites and 3 contact centers. The customer centric, innovative company provides end-to-end BPO and ICT solutions to more than 500 medium and large businesses in all industries. With 50 Million customer interactions per year and growing VADS Indonesia has won more than 20 awards in the past 15 years for its quality services and operational excellence. Following their mission ‘To deliver service excellence in a standardized, effective, efficient and courteous manner that brings satisfaction to clients and their customer, partners, and employee’, VADS Indonesia decided in 2020 that it is time to bring the same excellence to their HR Management processes.  Having significantly grown over the years, and with the pandemic throwing a big hurdle in their way of doing mass recruitment, the HR team at VADS Indonesia spearheaded by Mrs. Dian Adriani, came to realize that their way of handling processes no longer met their business needs. It was also far away from how efficient HR should work. The multi-tasking heroes of the VADS Indonesia HR team VADS Indonesia is built around customer interactions. Therefore, it is crucial for VADS Indonesia to deliver exceptional services and employees to their clients. So for them the statement ‘Employees are the company’s best assets’ is not just an HR slogan but their lifeline. The role of the HR department is extremely important as it ranges from, Running many different payroll scenarios for their 50+ enterprise customer with all different terms and conditions. Tracking their employees by locations they work in. Tracking employees absence and presence including their locations when presents. Reporting attendance and employee activities to their management at an ad hoc basis to high volume recruitment as integral part of their business. Finding and hiring the best candidates for their clients in accordance with their needs. Ensuring they are competent and have good product knowledge. Making the employees happy to stay on for a long time,  as they say: So, they need to satisfy their employees first, before engaging with their clients. Before the pandemic, VADS Indonesia was already facing some challenges. They were having issue with the efficiency of their client payroll processes and attendance tracking of their employees. Different Clients, different Payroll Parameters VADS Indonesia is a customer-centered company, which for them means serving the payroll needs and requirements individually for each client. However, every client has different pay scenarios, parameters, overtime rules, shift allowances, or applies different tax methods. These things then becomes a massive amount of work. Having to do it manually, meant for the VADS payroll team to work through the night to finish the payroll calculation for different customers on time. Manual tracking of employee movement and data Another source of stress was the company’s still manually conducted attendance management and HR operation. The HR team had problems to accurately determine which employees worked in which location. From the attendance log they would know whether someone was present or absent, but they couldn’t tell from where they signed in. Providing management with accurate attendance reports was very difficult. Offline Recruitment, Candidate Selection VADS Indonesia hires many employees for their customers. Pre-Pandemic, the selection and hiring was done through their self-designed walk-in interview process. That way of doing mass hiring came to an abrupt halt, when the pandemic struck and stay-at-home policies were implemented nationwide. The HR team suddenly realized it had no alternative to interviewing and testing candidates face-to-face, which seriously impacted their ability to process candidates that came from their social media and website and make an informed decision. VADS Indonesia’s HR Transformation Journey Some of the issues were present before the pandemic. The company had simply grown too big in terms of employees and number of customers, making the operating structures too complex for their current system. However, the determined VADS team always found a way to work around them and find satisfying solutions for their customers, various at the expense of their own work time and stress levels.  That was until the pandemic caused a unique situation that tipped the scale and created a new sense of urgency to upgrade the existing HR structures. With the mass recruitment process in jeopardy, the company decided to move ahead to underpin their HR structures and workflows with technology.  Having some idea of what the new technology should be able to do, VADS Indonesia explored several alternatives to see what was out there and how things would work in different solutions. DataOn’s SunFish was among the reviewed vendors. Actually, VADS Indonesia had already been introduced to SunFish in 2018. However, they didn’t take a closer look because they didn’t think the HR system was worth the price. This time, in 2020, the situation was different and the VADS team decided to explore SunFish in all its detailed capabilities. Aside from automating core HR,  payroll, attendance and recruitment, it was also important to VADS Indonesia to work with a team that they feel takes them seriously and attends to their needs and questions. After a detailed evaluation process, VADS Indonesia chose SunFish for its depth of payroll and time management features as well as its systematic approach to recruitment from interfacing

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