SunFish Workplaze is designed to meet the needs of organizations across all stages of human capital technology maturity. The modular design and customizability makes implementations of all shapes and sizes easy.

Well designed, easy to operate, inexpensive to maintain and growing with evolving business needs, Workplaze is the smartest and most effective way to take your HR to the next level.

SunFish Workplaze is designed to meet the needs of organizations across all stages of human capital technology maturity.
Workplaze Technology

From the beginning, our applications have been built with a “factory floor” approach to creating web-based applications, which involves:

  • Using existing platforms (operating systems, databases, web servers)
  • Integrating legacy applications (existing programs and specific applications)
  • Combining them with Workplaze Modules (including existing Humanica modules, partner modules, and customized modules)

This enables organizations to create comprehensive online applications such as WAP, web, XML, SMS, and API.

Workplaze is a high-level application platform with a library of modular applications and a web-based SDK. It enables organizations to quickly roll out a complete web system that meets their current needs, while maintaining the flexibility to extend the system as future needs arise.

Modern Architecture

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The layer includes hosting and integration platforms. It controls a wide variety of hosting platforms and third party integrations.

It consists of a modularized infrastructure, administration functions, development platform and development tools. The former ones set and control all applications in Workplaze, while the latter one provides an environment for developers to create or enhance the Workplaze applications.

The development platform handles system administration as well as a flexible structure for project planning, which results in great time saving as well as a stable platform.

The platform included role-based security, data archiving, workflow management, multi-language and Help file management, and the Report builder to enhance the system’s functionality.

This layer features several types of core web processing components, which are provided by Humanica or partner companies. They provide back-end processing and are included with the modules installed to Workplaze.

It features the seamless integration of application modules currently available in the Workplaze application library, which allows to greatly reduce the time to completion. Aside from available modules, this includes custom developments produced by DataOn and development partners, so the library is continually updated and increasing.

Uncompromising Standards

While providing as much flexibility as possible, our applications never compromise on the following standards:


Workplaze has a comprehensive security framework that defines security for all users across all system applications. The security matrix checks access requests before granting access to the administration site. Workplaze also uses security features provided by various servers and databases.


Workplaze is widely used by public and private organizations and works with most leading hardware, operating systems, databases, and web servers. This allows organizations to combine desired components for operational stability and flexibility.


SunFish is built on a cluster-ready platform that supports rapid growth. The hosting environment includes a sophisticated setup of services and processors to improve performance, with options for load balancing and adding CPUs and servers to accommodate expansion. This helps minimize initial software and hardware costs.


Workplaze offers modular applications and an SDK for custom development, enabling integration with existing legacy systems and databases. Standard interfaces like ODBC, JDBC, and XML are available, along with custom interfaces based on open API standards, to meet specific requirements.

Workplaze’s architecture is designed to empower rapid, economical development, time effective implementation and management of comprehensive, powerful Internet solutions based on the latest technological advancements.

Flexible, Intelligent, and Secure



1. Easy to use, easy to learn interface
2. Clean, Inbox style design that feels familiar to users
3. Complex data summarized to simple charts and graphs
4. Adjustable data views – users can configure list pages to show/hide data relevant to their workflow
5. Standard UI components application wide for consistency of views as well as data validation, look up selection, data selection, etc.
6. Transition complex processes are on centralized screens which guide users through a step by step approach to the work
7. Functions follow the way users work
8. Easy access to information from the web, tablet, or mobile apps
9. Includes social and gaming features (badges) to engage users and ensure the software is being used


1. Advanced analytics using data marts
2. Various sorting and filtering options on each page to expedite data access when performing updates
3. Built-in simple in-app analytics without the need to access reports or BI tools for common data
4. Allows users to save pre configured data views to further improve their individual workflows
5. Automated workflows and visualized management of access levels and workflows
6. Comprehensive functionality
7. Built in best practice approaches to Objective Key Results and OKR talent management

Secure Infrastructure

1. Built on the latest in Cloud Technology
2. Intrusion Prevention System
3. Data stored in a secure Tier 3 data center with 24/7 physical monitoring
4. Warm disaster recovery center
5. Certified ISO 9001-2008 audited by Lloyds every six months
6. ISO 27011:2013 information security management system


Application Security

1. User group access to functions and data configured independently and with granular level access control
2. NIST SP 180-118, password rules, expiries, device limitations among others
3. Creation of audit trails for all transactions as part of architecture that cannot be disabled
4. Multiple layers of encryption and security ensure appropriate access control
5. Compliance to OWASP standards


1. Multi-company and locations, multi-currency, exchange rate management, multi-language, and international implementations
2. Consolidated reporting
3. Dual-base currency support
4. Web-based application, accessible from anywhere, at any time with just an Internet connection
5. Micro Service Architecture separating front and back end for faster updates of functionalities

Far Reaching

1. Deep ESS features for all employees
2. Integrate and automate all HR operations throughout the company
3. Track and analyze data more frequently through mobile apps and dashboard summaries

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