What is HRIS: Understand the HRIS Software

HRIS is one of the important software that the Human Resources department should have and use while managing employees in the company. HRIS is a software designed to help the organization develop and increase the workflow for the Human Resources department and employees with synchronized information that will be done automatically.  

HRIS can be seen as software that helps accelerate the organization to its goal, for those who aren’t sure what’s HRIS, Humanica has gathered up all the things that you needed to know about HRIS Software in this article 

What is HRIS? 

Human Resources Information System or HRIS is a system where all information related to the organization and employees is stored in one place. HRIS software help gathers information, and analyze and store employee detail such as name, address, ID number, social security number, visa information, work permits and other important information that employers needed. 


Advantages of using HRIS Software 

There are a lot of advantages to using HRIS Software, however, it also depends on what the organization chose to use it as. The main advantages of using HRIS Software are: 

  • Provide access to HR department to employee information from anywhere and anytime. 
  • High-security protection for all of the data stored in the organization’s system. 
  • Reduce all the paperwork processes with a Cloud system that helps organize all of the date in one place. 
  • Make data analysis and storing easier with a dashboard that presents information in matrix data. 
  • All information in the system can be changed anytime by the employee themselves without going through the HR department. 
  • Reduce mistakes in the information related to law and regulation and finance. 

The Difference between HRIS, HRMS, and HCM 

HRIS, HRMS, and HCM can replace one another, depending on the needs that each organization has. However, there are small details that make all three systems different from each other due to the development of technology and the complexity that comes with the update. As time goes by HRMS and Human Resources Department have developed in to HRIS Software which focuses on data more than before which leads to HCM software which focuses on employees and business strategies. 

Features of HRIS Software 

HRIS Software has considered one of the most important tools that help organizations handles all the challenge that they might face as their business grow. 


HRIS systems help the HR Department filter out all the applications from those who applied for jobs to find out those who are suitable for the job they applied for. 

Payroll System 

HRIS help record time attendance for every employee and is adjustable to all the organization. All the data will then be transferred to the payroll account to calculate the leaves and lateness accordingly. 

Benefit Management 

HRIS, in general, helps gather and organize information related to all the social benefits and benefits that the organization offers to them, fully adjustable as they see fit. 

Analytic Reports 

HRIS acts as a centralised data store for all the information that the HR department and organization needed to plan business strategies and analyze and manage the employees to their highest potential. 

With all this information, you will now know more about HRIS Software which helps the organization change in a better way. More suitable to the new challenges and changes that are happening in HR world. HRIS Software is made for business in every size and industry, fully adjustable based on what the company wants and aim to help the organization develop to their full potential. 

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