Organizational Structure Visualization in Workplaze HR

Workplaze HR effectively visualizes, administers, and disseminates your organization’s structure, enhancing mission-specific effectiveness.


Core Features of Workplaze HR’s Organizational Structure Tool

Workplaze HR accommodates various organizational structures including traditional hierarchies, manager and supervisor linkages, temporary roles, and support staff like advisors.

Track and examine past organizational charts while also planning future structures with ease. The tool’s import/export function facilitates offline planning.

Administrators can effortlessly modify or create new organizational charts using Workplaze HR’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Generate high-quality job descriptions quickly using our AI-powered interface, which considers various inputs like templates, position details, and reporting hierarchies to produce editable, detailed content.

Manage and disseminate regular announcements easily, keeping employees informed about company-wide events and news. Approved messages are displayed on employees’ homepages and mobile apps.

HR teams can easily publish and update company policies and regulations online, ensuring transparency and reducing the need for repetitive inquiries.

Accelerate Productivity and Employee Engagement with Workplaze HR’s Organization Structure Module

Clarity in Organizational Knowledge and Transparency

Workplaze HR’s organizational chart facilitates employees’ understanding of their colleagues’ names, titles, and roles. It provides a comprehensive view of how each individual fits within the company’s framework. This org chart, complete with photos, profiles, job descriptions, and reporting lines, is an invaluable tool for fostering transparency and effective communication within a complex organizational setup.

Efficient Monitoring of Organizational Dynamics and Talent Allocation

Maintaining an up-to-date overview of all positions and their required skill sets is challenging in everyday operations.

Workplaze HR’s organizational chart feature enables companies to track their workforce effectively, ensuring the best fit of talents in appropriate roles. It also allows managers to easily identify vacancies and underperforming areas, thus enhancing their capacity for strategic staffing and succession planning across the organization.

Proactive Organizational Planning

Workplaze HR provides the ability for companies to visualize and adapt their organizational structures to match their operational styles. This flexibility means organizations can restructure as they grow or as needs evolve. By creating independent templates for various organizational structures, companies can proactively plan for potential reorganizations, implementing these changes seamlessly when needed.

Our Clients Speak

Workplaze HR, along with its earlier versions, is the choice of over 5000 distinguished companies across various industries and scales, both local and international. Collaborating with a diverse clientele enriches our knowledge and experience, fueling the continuous innovation of our technology. This diversity allows us to remain committed to prioritizing customer needs and delivering long-term value.

SunFish Workplaze HR customer

“Workplaze HR is the suitable system for Goodyear’s current and future needs. Basically, the selection process at Goodyear is long & complex. It involves regional and global parties from various IT functions. So they all ensure the vendor has trusted ability, high level of security, and is able to support our needs. But SunFish HR has proven its ability to pass our selection & audit processes as a safe, reliable system with good quality and flexibility. Equally, it meets our company’s needs with its user friendly features.”

– Zulfa, Ass. HRM

SunFish Workplaze HR customer

“Before using SunFish Workplaze HR, we processed the attendance manually. However, needing to recap the data one at a time, was extremely time consuming. Since we are using SunFish HR, we are able to manage the data efficiently, and the data storage is centralized.”

– Resa, Ass. HRM

SunFish Workplaze HR customer

“Since using Workplaze HR, the benefits are significantly. I.e. the payroll calculation process that is easier and faster. Likewise, the attendance data recap is easier. We only need to download it from SunFish HR. Moreover, the leave request process can be done anytime and anywhere. The user interface does not confuse the user. And lastly, SunFish HR has a support team that is always ready to help us.”

– Dodi, Ass. Payroll & HRIS

SunFish Workplaze HR customer

“Since Workplaze HR is being used live in our company, employee administration processes such as overtime and leave administrative have been easier, faster, and more efficient. That is because of the systematized process of the Workplaze modules themselves. Similarly, the Payroll calculation done in- house provides accurate result without the interference of any third- party. Moreover, it can be validated immediately which minimizes miscalculations

Suharisman, PM

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