Workplaze HR Training Management

Equip your team for future challenges using Workplaze’s HR Training.

Encourage an environment of ongoing education and growth, aiding your employees in enhancing and diversifying their skills. This approach not only nurtures their career advancement but also aligns with the evolving needs of the business landscape.

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Key Features of Workplaze HR Training

Keep abreast of employee education using Workplaze HR’s comprehensive Training Module, designed to boost efficiency through user-friendly, precise planning, and program allocation. Align training requirements with individual objectives, goals, or preferences, offering a customized, effortless learning journey. This integration enables your organization to embed training seamlessly into the employees’ daily tasks, fostering a more involved and cohesive workforce.

Workplaze Training Management Mockup
Workplaze Training Management Mockup
Workplaze Training Management Mockup
Workplaze Training Management Mockup
Workplaze Training Management Mockup

Oversee both in-house and external training courses while making sure the right individuals are informed about the training opportunities, and employees understand the course content and prerequisites before participation.

Quickly create or update training courses, titles, and syllabi using our user-friendly AI interface. Simply input the necessary information, and Workplaze HR Training will automatically produce comprehensive descriptions. These can then be further modified to suit your specific requirements.

Streamline the administrative load from training approvals to attendee registration, event timetables, venues, sessions, and agendas by utilizing automation and Employee Self-Service (ESS) for handling requests and feedback.

Ensure that training budgets are effectively deployed – from being utilized by the right people at the right time to evaluating that they meet outcome expectations.

Workplaze HR Training employs feedback and post-training assessment data to analyze the cost versus the impact of training, thereby highlighting and advocating for courses that yield the desired outcomes.

Workplaze HR enhances the availability of training programs and knowledge exchange, while optimizing training costs, by providing an engaging, interactive online learning platform accessible from any location at any time.

Workplaze HR Training aids in fostering both essential job skills and personal learning interests, nurturing internal adaptability, enthusiasm, and development.

Close Integration with Performance Management

  • Align training programs with your organization’s competency framework.
  • Leverage Performance Management outcomes, Succession, and career path planning to automatically suggest and populate relevant training and learning programs for employees.
  • Minimize the time dedicated to assessing training requirements.
  • Align training with Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and employees’ career growth objectives.
  • Adaptably cater to upskilling and reskilling needs.

Aid in Fulfilling Your Company’s Requirements

  • Increase employee skill faster
  • Create an agile workforce that can keep up with business changes 
  • Provide more cross training opportunities
  • Blend onsite, online and elearning
  • Reduce external training costs with Workplaze HR Training
  • Compare program cost vs. effectiveness to focus on impactful courses

Dynamic and Engaging Online Learning

  • Provide innovative methods of pertinent learning content that seamlessly integrates with employees’ daily tasks, making it accessible whenever required.
  • Implement diverse content formats, including files, webinars, and videos, in both group and individual learning settings, to create an effective and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Monitor learning advancement and confirm understanding of materials through quizzes and interactive questioning.
  • Collect insights on course effectiveness through employee feedback and surveys.

Workplaze HR Facilitates Customized Performance and Training Management at EON Chemicals

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“Utilizing Workplaze HR’s Training & Talent Management, EONchemicals successfully monitored their employees’ monthly performance and actively pinpointed areas for development in knowledge and skills. Workplaze also facilitated the development of customized training programs for each employee, derived from monthly assessments.”

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