Foster employees’ professional growth by developing career progression pathways tailored to each employee​


Key Functionalities

SunFish Workplaze embeds a comprehensive approach to planning, employee development and engagement. Employees and supervisors collaboratively define career goals including the respective parameters to achieve them. A Career Plan Map visualizes opportunities and gap that allows both side to formulate a growth path together including the definition of milestones, development needs and methods as well as plan progression follow ups.

Using positions, job families and grades provide employees a visual structure of opportunities for their career plan. Analyzing competency, training and job assignment requirements the system allows employees and supervisors to set specific career goals and to develop the employee’s career in the most beneficial method.

The Career Plan Map is a high-level overview on which career path is best suited for an employee based on their competency levels. This includes a list of alternate career options to employees.

Improve communication about careers between supervisors and employees by allowing each to make recommendations on the career path, define target dates and development methods and to ensure that plans are followed up.

Auto generate suggested promotions from the job family level, or configure standard paths for positions. Support employees self selection of career plans while informing them automatically of requirements.

Display competency gaps, percentage match and recommended training for planned future positions, allowing employees to register for training required to prepare them for their future.

Tailored Development Plans

Use tailored plans to develop better and happier talents within your organization. Combine data from competency scoring, goals and skill assessment to create individual development pathways including finding the right method to inspire that growth.

Learner-focused Tailored to Training Plans

SunFish Workplaze identifies competency and skill gaps during the performance evaluation of an employee and highlights their development areas. The system auto- recommends training courses that help develop the competency required for the current or planned position.

Monitoring & Follow up

Review current and past development plans including their progress during the evaluation to ensure completion and analyze effectiveness.

Deploy Different Development Methods

Use competency/performance comparison and the 9 Grid Talent Box to determine individually best-fit development methods including counseling, coaching, job rotation, on the job training, etc. Assign target dates and the person in charge to follow through the plans and track their progress.

Fine Tune

Expected outputs of each development process are combined with specific appraisal methods in order to evaluate the overall effectiveness of various development methods and continuously fine tune the methods and processes.

9 Box Analysis & HIPO/Talent Pool

Identify employees with high potential and those needing different developmental approaches through data combinations of achievement and competency with support for other data aspects.

Create custom grouping of employees that combine multiple criteria such as performance vs competence to determine the best development method, eg train for competency, coach for performance.

Configure 9, 16 or 25 box reports to categorize in greater detail. Set comparison to overall performance, KPI, department achievement, appraisals, tasks or feedback to gain better insight.

Set groupings to each box to identify high potential employees or even employees requiring intense development or termination. Add a third dimension to increase analytic depth.

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