Continuous Performance Management

Embrace performance as a journey and make feedback, employee development, and growth the focus of an ongoing conversation.

Understand what People do

Visualize, manage and communicate the organization’s structure to support mission specific requirements. Create and remodel, add as often as necessary with our easy-to-use drag and drop tools.

Set & Track Targets

Create frequent smaller plans aligned to larger goals using OKRs, project plans and collaboration tools. Track results frequently & encourage self- actualization as employees understand how and are rewarded for their work contributes to company goals.

Engage Employees in their Benefits

Create transparent connections between productivity, performance and rewards. Offer ongoing feedback & recognition that has real meaning regarding career path planning, employee development and financial rewards.

Feedback & Recognition

Built in feedback and recognition to build healthy habits to be able to achieve both professional and personal goals and help employees work better & live happier while driving business performance.

Key Functionalities

Workplaze HR seamlessly connects productivity data derived from tasks, project management, time tracking and timesheets with a robust OKR goal-setting framework. It goes beyond by blending frequent check-ins, 360-degree discussions, and feedback into a holistic performance review. Its primary goal is to empower your employees to become the very best version of themselves at work.

Workplaze HR transforms performance management into a dynamic, collaborative, and motivational process. It’s designed to meet the dual needs of employees seeking a supportive, responsive work environment and businesses aiming for enhanced agility and productivity.
Leverage the OKR-based goal-setting framework to create flexible goal plans and align with business objectives.Sends reminders and allows employees to check-in on a defined schedule, auto tagging at risk or in trouble results.

Assign tasks from anyone to anyone as easily as sending an email with due dates and importance The person receiving the task can reject or accept and ask for clarification through char or request at revision before marking the task complete and sending supporting data if necessary.

Allow any employee to give positive or negative feedback to another employee after which they can clarify and finalize the report.

Encourage employees to communicate in a way that is results oriented and ensures completion. Employees can discuss tasks securely through integrated chat and share supporting photos or documents of progress.

At the end of each period, easily consolidate tasks and feedback to see how often employees complete tasks, receive positive or negative feedback and the scores of feedback. User consolidated totals to compare against employees peers before determining a final rating.

Make development a guaranteed outcome of evaluations by automatically linking Performance results to career planning, employee development, growth learning and engagement. Tailor these plans to the individual to develop better and happier talents within your organization.

Best Practice Roll Out

Discover Vision &

Help employee define area to focus to align their vision

Motivate & Track Achievement

Keep notified and motivate employee to complete all mission

Give Rewards &

Automate give rewards and notified feedback to employee

Connect To

Tele-medicine, etc.

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