Streamline the claims process, effectively linking expense management with payroll processing.

Key Features

Consolidate every step of the reimbursement process, from submission to approval to payment (integrated with payroll or not), thereby cutting down the time and expense of managing claims. Ensure quick payouts and maintain claim clarity and expense oversight by adhering to pre-set rules and parameters for various claim categories.

Key Features

Set up numerous reimbursement categories and define limits for individual or total claims based on employee rank, job level, claim history, or other criteria.

Establish multiple types of reimbursements with options for: availability, currency, approval workflows, maximum limits, claim frequency, payroll integration (optional), applicability for dependents, documentation necessities, etc.

Allow employees to monitor their entitlement balances and file for reimbursements for themselves or family members, ensuring adherence to company policies. Supervisors have a straightforward, central interface for reviewing and approving claims.

Seamlessly integrate with payroll (optional): Approved payments can either be included in the regular payroll cycle, appearing on pay slips, or processed separately and more frequently.

Incorporate GreatDay’s payment processing and features like online banking for simpler claim handling and payment in supported regions.

Employ built-in analytics and reports for management to better understand spending patterns, allowing for more effective control over reimbursement expenses.

Travel Expense Management

Integration with Travel Costs in Claims Module: Administrative users can oversee the entire travel arrangement process. This includes setting travel budgets based on employee rank or other factors, approving travel plans, and handling as well as balancing cash advances.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) for Travel Advances: Through an ESS portal, employees are empowered to apply for cash advances within set limits and configurations. Subsequently, they need to report their expenses to reconcile these advances. If linked with the payroll system, any excess advance amounts can be automatically deducted from the payroll.

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