2023 in Review – Celebrating a Year of Firsts, Milestones, and Innovation

As 2023 draws to a close, we at DataOn and Humanica are filled with pride and excitement as we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared. This year has been pivotal, marked by the completion of our merger integration, successful milestones, joint growth, and groundbreaking innovation.

Our First Year Post-Merger: Unity in Progress

This year marks the first anniversary of our transformative merger, and it is safe to say we’ve not only integrated very well but also achieved new heights of success together. From the outset, our focus was on creating a unified entity that leveraged the strengths of both legacy companies. Throughout the year, we held joint integrations, collaborative conferences, product and knowledge exchange programs, which laid the foundation of our success and fostered a culture of collaboration.

The result? A number of great achievements & successes!

The financial results in the first year as a combined entity speak for themselves. We have achieved a remarkable 32% revenue growth and an impressive 23% net profit margin by the end of Q3. This not only showcases our growth but also underscores our financial stability. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in our 99% retention rate. Our internal customer satisfaction surveys echoed this sentiment, with a 4.7 out of 5 rating.

This success would not have been possible without our incredible employees, whose dedication and enthusiasm was evident throughout this year. Their 4.4 out of 5 satisfaction rating is a testament to the positive impact of our merger and the vibrant culture we’re building.

Workplaze Takes Center Stage

Central to our success was the adoption of Workplaze, our flagship HCM platform, across all entities. Its intuitive interface and powerful features have allowed us to set new standards in how we manage projects, productivity, learning, talent and employee engagement in our new multi- company, multi- business unit environment.

In order to move forward together in alignment, we also embraced a new management style in 2023 with the adoption of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). This new framework facilitated communication of shared goals and business vision and helped synchronize the efforts across our global teams to achieve the jointly defined objectives.

New Business Initiatives and Expansion

Embracing change and setting new standards weaved like a red thread throughout the year.

Firstly, we successfully transitioned to accounting and audit standards applicable to publicly listed companies, which Humanica Ltd is, ensuring transparency and compliance with industry benchmarks.

Secondly, we worked diligently on receiving the ISO 27701 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications all year. Obtaining the ISO 27701 certificate on September 23, 2023 and being ready for the SOC 2 Audit validates our dedication and commitment to data security, privacy, and compliance.

Aside from the internal adjustments, DataOn – Humanica continued to grow. Our strategic investment in SunFish DataOn Philippines expands our footprint and market presence in Southeast Asia and strengthens our position as a regional leader in end-to-end HCM software and people solutions.

Simultaneously, the launch of Humanica Consulting Services (HCS) broadened our offerings to include human capital advisory addressing the growing demand for comprehensive HR consulting services in the region. HCS offers a range of services encompassing the development and execution of HR transformation strategies, managing the change process, workforce intelligence analytics and advisory so that we can optimally support our clients through their HR transformation journeys.

Innovating for Tomorrow’s Workplace: Empowering Businesses, One New Feature at a Time

Continual investment in new technologies and product innovation is the key promise we have and will always make to our customers in order to support their unique and evolving HR needs and wants. 2023 was no exception. Looking at industry trends and talking to our customers has led to the introduction of numerous advanced functionalities in Workplaze.

The first half of the year saw the incorporation of two major new business processes, Project Management and CRM, in the Workplaze platform. These new features allow companies to track projects/ tasks fulfillment as well as sales opportunity/ activity within their HRIS platform and link them to timesheets, work recording, productivity monitoring, and performance. Innovation also focused on more personalization and flexibility by adding new functions for Flexible Benefits, Mobile Timesheets, Video-based Recruitment Interviews, Design Builder, and more.

These new capabilities set Workplaze apart from its competition and bring it a step closer to a well-rounded workforce management solution that cares about employee engagement just as much as driving business results thus catering to the different needs of various stakeholders that interact with HRIS systems.

The latter half of the year was dominated by significant advancements of AI integration into our platform, unveiled at our Annual HR Conference on Nov 2, 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia in front of an audience of 800 participants. These features, including AI-driven HR Executive Reports, Predictive Resignation, AI-driven Content Creation, CV parsing tools, and an HR Chatbot Assistant, signify our dedication to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology.

Nurturing Relationships and Recognition

Our dedication to innovation resonated strongly, expanding our customer base significantly to 70 new Workplaze customers (as of Q3). Prestigious names like CEVA, KWE, Royal Lestari Natural Rubber, Antam, The Landmark, Colgate, EUROKARS, J Trust Bank, Deloitte, and many more, placed their trust in our solutions. Notably, securing Thai Airways as a partner in September 2023 marked a pivotal moment, demonstrating our capacity to cater to large, esteemed organizations.

Last but not least, Workplazed joined software review platforms G2 and Gartner Peer Insight this year, encouraging users to publicly share their Workplaze experience with peers, us, and potential buyers. Within the relatively short time frame of our entry, we have garnered combined 100 positive reviews and a commendable 4.4 happiness rating, validating our dedication to delivering excellence.

Empowering Businesses

Concluding our successful year 2023, DataOn and Workplaze celebrated a triple triumph at the annual IT Works Top Digital Awards in Indonesia on December 4th. DataOn secured the coveted title of “TOP DIGITAL Implementer 2023 for Business Solutions”, while our very own President Director and Humanica CTO, Gordon Enns, claimed the “Top Leader in Digital Implementation 2023” award. Additionally, our Workplaze HCM Platform was honored with the “Top HC/HR Solution 2023” accolade. Notably, each of these recognitions was accompanied by an outstanding 5-star rating, solidifying our leading position in driving HR transformation, digitalization, and technological innovation within Indonesia.

A Look Ahead: A Future Built on Success

In conclusion, 2023 has been a chapter of evolution, innovation, and consolidation. Inspired by our successes and lessons learnt, we are committed to building on this momentum in 2024. As we embark on the new year, we are grateful to our exceptional teams, loyal customers, and the exciting opportunities ahead. We will continue to innovate, push boundaries, and deliver new solutions, further solidifying the trust our customers and stakeholders have placed in us.

Here’s to a remarkable year behind us and an exciting journey ahead !

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