Boasting more than two decades of experience in HR tech development, Humanica has emerged as the premier HR solutions provider in South East Asia. This achievement stems from our persistent investment in cutting-edge technology, tailored to meet the dynamic and distinct requirements of our clientele.

Our expert technology units collaborate closely with clients, engaging in extensive research and prototyping. This partnership has been instrumental in the development of the sophisticated features that define Workplaze in the current market.

Humanica team working on new innovations for Workplaze

At Humanica, our commitment lies in offering impactful and effective solutions that truly benefit businesses. We recognize the significance of both minor and major technological breakthroughs in driving innovation.

Our focus is to sift through the tech buzz and concentrate on delivering practical and outcome-focused innovation. This approach ensures our solutions are not just beneficial in the current landscape but also remain valuable in the long run.

Always a Pioneer

We were at the forefront of adopting web native architecture for HCM over two decades ago.

Our dedication to innovation led to the development of comprehensive mobile applications for our customers in 2008, well ahead of the trend.

Humanica was among the first major players to introduce multi-tenancy SaaS in the HCM sector.

We ensure that our core application framework is in a state of continuous evolution, offering unmatched adaptability to various organizations.

Workplaze Mobile

The majority of Workplaze users now engage with our solutions via mobile devices. We have revamped the Workplaze mobile experience to enhance team collaboration and ensure comprehensive access to our web functionalities on mobile platforms.

Understanding the importance of system integration for data insight, efficiency, and superior user experiences, we provide an open API environment. This allows for custom interface configurations by organizations themselves. Our interface management tool supports various integrations, including API, xDBC, and batch file processes with advanced data handling capabilities. This ensures tailored and efficient integration solutions for specific organizational requirements.

Recognizing the critical nature of HR data analysis, Workplaze incorporates a robust native reporting engine within our data warehouse. This feature enables flexible reporting, customizable dashboards accessible company-wide, and eliminates the need for external licensing. Our standard reports and analytics are developed using internal tools, allowing easy modification and creation of new analytics.

At Workplaze, we focus on maximizing user productivity and efficiency. Our usage analytics, which provide anonymized data on system usage, guide us in continuously enhancing automation and refining processes. This approach helps in reducing unnecessary actions and improving user workflows.

Workplaze employs advanced AI-driven facial recognition and anti-fraud technologies for verifying employee attendance, eliminating traditional biometric systems. This successful implementation has led to broader applications such as recognition-based multifactor authentication, bolstering overall system security.

Workplaze delivers a suite of tools designed for intricate multi-step HR processes involving team collaboration. Our adaptable workflow engine, combined with process definition tools, ensures compliance with regulations and meets unique organizational demands.

Incorporating AI and algorithm-based automation, Workplaze enhances business processes and streamlines data analysis. These integrated tools provide dynamic notification management, menu optimization, and machine learning-driven analysis for predictive insights into employee turnover.

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