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Workplaze Integration Framework offers a versatile platform for seamless automation of connections to various distinct systems. This framework is designed for flexible customization, allowing for the mapping and alignment of fields from diverse origins and destinations, complete with data translation and validation capabilities.

Did You Know?

On average, companies utilize about 16.24 different HR solutions.

Even smaller organizations typically operate with 3-5 applications to address all their HR requirements.

Employers spend an average of $310 per employee each year on HR-related technology.

Accommodating the Rising Demand for Integration from Clients

The ability to integrate various systems is becoming increasingly vital for organizations, providing them with valuable data insights, enhanced efficiency, and an enriched user experience. However, it’s crucial to understand that integrations vary in their effectiveness and capabilities.

Workplaze responds to this need by offering an open API environment alongside a sophisticated interface management tool, ensuring efficient fulfillment of diverse integration requirements. Organizations are empowered to tailor their interfaces within our API environment. Additionally, our interface management tool facilitates the customized setup of interfaces that support API, xDBC, and batch file integration, complete with options for pre/post-processing and data translation.

  1. Expanded Integration Capabilities: Beyond traditional attendance machines and journals, offering broader options.
  2. Enhanced API Design: Streamlined for simpler integration with third-party services.
  3. Diverse Interface Support: Includes web, mobile, chatbot, API, and more.
  4. Tailored API Development: Customizable for specific third-party integrations.
  5. Consistent Web and Mobile Architecture: Unified coding framework for both platforms.
  6. Standardized Single Sign-On (SSO): Facilitates more straightforward authentication processes.
  7. Continued File Integration Support: Maintains the ability to integrate through file-based systems.
  8. Inclusive API Integration in Project Planning: API integration considerations are an integral part of project management strategies.

SunFish presents two distinct API interface methods, designed to combine user-friendly setup with the adaptability necessary for more complex needs:

  • Standard Open APIs: These offer interfaces for commonly utilized functions, aligned with our established documentation standards.
  • SunFish API Builder: This tool allows for the customization of any API interface to align with external third-party standards or to cater to unique API specifications.

When direct database connections are permissible, this approach can be used for application integration. It involves one application setting up a connection to the database of another application through ODBC or JDBC drivers, using the provided credentials.

For the connected application to fetch or input data, it must be familiar with the pertinent tables or views in the database. This method is typically employed for one-directional interfaces, where only one application is required to access data from the other. The database access can be restricted to read-only mode to enhance data security.

Integrating applications can be achieved through a file-based method, where data is exported from one application into a flat file format, such as a delimited text file or spreadsheet, and subsequently uploaded to another application. Automating this process involves placing the file in a shared repository accessible to both applications, with scheduled operations to export and import data at predetermined times.

Within SunFish, this approach is frequently utilized for gathering attendance data from fingerprint scanning devices. The fingerprint system regularly produces files containing raw attendance data and places them in a specific folder. SunFish then routinely checks this folder for new files and proceeds to import the data into its system.

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