Prepares you for the evolving landscape of work, where employees seek increased autonomy in determining when and where they work.

Key Features

Time Administration and Tracking are essential components of HR management. Workplaze offers an intuitive user interface designed to make handling vital tasks such as recording attendance, making data corrections, scheduling shift plans and ad hoc shifts, as well as managing leave requests and entering work hours more engaging and efficient.

Enhance time management for everyone. Our T&A module streamlines processes, automates routine tasks, integrates seamlessly with calendars and emails for improved flexibility and communication, and connects worksheets with payroll and performance metrics. This module treats time as a valuable asset, enabling companies to accurately track employee hours and link them to specific results.

Enable employees to automate the management of their work time status, ensuring compliance with even the most intricate organizational regulations, including absence types, overtime, attendance machine setup, and more.

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Efficiently monitor comprehensive employee attendance records from various sources and leverage advanced analytics with decentralized data access to enhance compliance with regulations while reducing the risk of fraud.

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Whether it’s configuring an unlimited number of fixed schedules or managing daily rostering, including split and overnight shifts, users can respond swiftly to ad-hoc changes as needed.

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Workplaze also includes advanced scheduling features tailored to various industries. These features encompass configuring hourly shift requirements, proactively planning manpower for events or seasonal workload spikes, generating shift plans based on user-defined preferences, visualizing MPPs for specific groups to fine-tune time optimization, and individual preference settings.

The Calendar feature consolidates data from shift scheduling, attendance recording, and time tracking into a centralized hub, enabling employees and managers to efficiently manage time-related issues. This calendar conveniently connects employees to a self-service interface for attendance corrections, leave requests, overtime, travel management, timesheet recording, and shift swapping.

Utilize timesheets to effectively organize your employees’ work, monitor their tasks, report on work hours associated with clients, projects, or stages, and promote productivity and results achievement.

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Preserve Your Team’s Most Valuable Resource – Time

Streamline & Automate for Enhanced Compliance

Enhanced User Experience

Integration of Data from Various Sources

Collaborating with over 2000 unique customers has provided us with a vast pool of knowledge and experience, which we continually leverage in our ongoing technology innovation efforts. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to prioritizing our customers’ needs and our dedication to delivering value for many decades to come.

Workplaze is trusted by over 5000 great companies in every industry, some small, some large, some operating locally, some internationally​

“Before using SunFish HR, we processed the attendance manually and had to recap the data one at a time, which was extremely time-consuming. Since we are using SunFish HR, we are able to manage the data efficiently, and the data storage is centralized.“
Assistant HR Manager SiCepat

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