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Key Functionalities

Efficiently manage intricate payroll and tax compliance needs with guided support and comprehensive process monitoring through a constantly available self-service payroll platform.

While handling tasks like payroll can be cumbersome, Workplaze aims to simplify it. The system integrates data from payroll, attendance, and benefits to streamline processing and verification. Additionally, it incorporates a detailed payroll task guide. Users just need to follow each step, input the necessary data, and proceed until the completion tracker indicates 100% completion, at which point payment and bank transfer processes can be initiated.

Payroll Processing Enhancement

Enhance payroll processing with adaptable salary components and automated calculations, boosting transparency and accommodating intricate compensation structures.

Facilitate the creation of numerous pay elements for allowances, deductions, and neutral items. Workplaze offers versatile setup options, including default or formula-based values, tax categories, tax parameters and rates, assignment to employees and periods, inclusion of overtime, links to accounting journals, and more, making it suitable for even the most elaborate, customized payroll situations.

Facilitates payroll computations with components in various currencies, gross/net tax methods, inter-departmental cost allocations, handling multiple companies, and dividing payments between cash and several banks.

Leverage variables to automate payment calculations for any component, ranging from minimum wages, grade-based allowances, to complex multi-dimensional variables for determining base calculation amounts.

Dispense discretionary Brownie Points by adding or subtracting other components stemming from core HR data. For example, attendance related issues such as lateness or overtime as well as productivity related data from project management and timesheets can be made part of the review to complete the picture.

Create bank files compatible with most banks in their native format for easy uploads, including checksum calculations. Alternatively, utilize our inclusive pay transfer service to automatically process payroll deposits to multiple banks, including options for payment splitting as defined by employees.

A user-friendly, step-by-step approach aids payroll administrators in managing all essential payroll inputs for each cycle. The intuitive interface includes a toggle feature to mark the completion of each payroll component step, ensuring thoroughness and ease of use.

Employee Self-Service Portal

A round-the-clock accessible self-service platform for employees to access and view all salary-related details at their convenience.

Employee Pay History

The ‘My Payroll Info’ section provides access to detailed salary information, payroll data, and digital payslips. Workplaze ensures that employees have immediate access to their payslip information post-payroll computation – either online via Workplaze or through ePayslips on mobile devices. Password-protected payslips are offered in multiple formats to meet diverse requirements.

Comprehensive Payroll Details

Employees can scrutinize their monthly earnings with a clear breakdown of all components such as allowances, deductions, and other pay elements (like loans, reimbursements), enabling a full understanding of their net pay. This feature also includes a summary of attendance records if they impact the salary. In addition, employees have easy access to their tax calculation documents and can view their cumulative contributions for the year.

Statutory Compliance

Ensures compliance with multiple countries’ tax laws and regulations, featuring automated reporting capabilities for streamlined compliance processes.

Automatically computes taxes and contributions in line with the legal stipulations of supported countries. The system’s country-specific rules are easy to update, with software revisions released in response to regulatory changes.

Effortlessly generates monthly and yearly tax reports, including individual employee tax documents, and assists employees in filing their tax returns. Provident fund and other statutory reports are also automatically produced, with electronic submission capabilities in supported countries.

Enables employees to verify their tax withholdings and contributions, with comprehensive explanations provided by the software. Tax calculators are also available to offer predictive insights into future calculations.

Facilitates the import of tax data from previous employers for precise tax computations and allows for the transfer of tax liabilities as employees transition between companies within the same group.

Payroll Reporting & Analytics

Delivers essential payroll data to relevant stakeholders in their preferred formats, facilitating swift and well-informed decision-making processes.

  • Conduct payroll expenditure assessments by cost center.
  • Create up to 10 different payroll and tax compliance reports.
  • Review and contrast current payroll figures with those from the previous month.
Workplaze offers an array of standard reports, featuring various filtering options, with capabilities for conversion to PDF, spreadsheets, email distribution, or setting up for routine automated dispatch.
Enables non-technical users to effortlessly produce reports by choosing desired data and applying filters, with the option to save these reports for future use.
Design bespoke tabular and graphical reports or specialized data marts with interactive analytics. The platform includes tools for technically inclined users, allowing for easy creation while maintaining adherence to system-defined security and privacy standards.

Supported by a versatile dashboard, the analytics offer a range of data presentations, including summary views, standard reports, personalized dashboards, information feeds, and AI-driven reminders, ensuring critical data is accessible to decision-makers at all levels.

Salary Increase Framework

Link salary raises to clear, equitable calculations, ensuring that rewards are appropriately distributed for achievements

Establish and monitor compensation ratios in relation to job grades, and define minimum, middle, and maximum salaries for each grade. This helps determine whether an employee is being overpaid or underpaid. Align job grade salaries with consolidated performance scores to guide salary increment proposals.

Perform in-depth analyses of an employee’s salary history, showing where their pay stands in the scale relative to their job grade.

Utilize assessments that merge and balance various factors, including skills and achievements. Apply score normalization across specific groups to achieve calibrated final scores for increment determination.

Automatically generate increment suggestions by considering an employee’s current salary and performance, such as awarding higher increases to lower-paid, high-performing individuals, based on their job grade.

Facilitate multiple stages of review and adjustments to ensure that salary increases align with departmental salary goals, leading to final approval and the allocation of new salaries to each employee.

Integrating Technology with Payroll Outsourcin

Link salary raises to clear, equitable calculations, ensuring that rewards are appropriately distributed for achievements

Our Specialization

Completely managed payroll outsourcing services tailored to your business requirements, supported by our acclaimed HR system and a team of dedicated experts.

Expert Assistance from Start to Finish

Our specialists will guide you from the outset, maintaining regular coordination with your payroll liaisons.

Tax Management and Coordination

Handle tax calculations and deductions effortlessly, and liaise directly with the IRS. Our services extend to preparing tax certificates for deductions and withholding taxes.

Streamlining Complex Payroll Processes

Utilize Workplaze’s effective features to simplify your payroll operations. Experience fast, precise, and secure payroll transactions.

Tailored HR System for Optimal Convenience

Adopt a contemporary HR system, adaptable to any organizational type, from ESS-enabled software to a comprehensive HRMS. Customize the system to fit your specific requirements.

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