Embed a comprehensive evaluation process that analyzes employees’ performance and benchmarks them against a set of standards​


Key Functionalities

SunFish Workplaze promotes a work culture focused on growth, development and a forward-looking mindset by facilitating frequent achievement check-ins, ongoing feedback and outcome oriented communication and coaching between employees and team leaders.

Allow employees to complete self evaluations and route results to multiple additional evaluators for adjustments and additional scoring. Support multiple scoring types and question weightings.

Create comprehensive evaluations by weighting results from traditional appraisals, competency, team/unit goals, OKRs, KPI’s, 360°, consolidated task history and continuous performance feedback from the period.

Gather feedback from multiple sources to augment performance data. Invite raters from staff, peers, internal customers and management to provide their feedback and enable self-evaluations.

Reduce the burden of having multiple people provide feedback for each employee by creating simple, relevant questions that can later be used as input for score creation in the multi rater evaluation process.

SunFish Workplaze enables managers to gain insight into individual performances within a broader context. This is achieved through the utilization of performance scoring and comparing competency levels among peers. The Bell curve model serves as a visualization of employees’ performance and rankings, facilitating a comprehensive view of team dynamics.

Instantly see recommendations and update plans as a result of data being evaluated including training plans based on skill gaps, individual development plans, career path plans, succession plans and box analysis.

Guide evaluator as they do scoring to remind them to stay within the expected score distribution range. Avoid the negative connotation of forced distribution adjustments during calibration.

Performance Calibration

Normalize scoring across departments to provide more meaningful feedback to
employees and allocate performance based incentives to top contributors

Guide evaluators to ensure ratings are conducted in alignment with departmental & company achievements, aiming for a balanced score distribution. Prevent departments from falling short of goals despite employees receiving excellent performance appraisals.

Force normalization of performance final score adjustments where evaluators have not complied with guided targets.

Set target score distributions by various employee groupings such as departments. Excellent performing departments may expect a higher number of top performers.

Allow multiple steps of review and adjustments to ensure score adjustments fairly reflect actual achievements.

Ensure Follow up​

Seamlessly enforce follow up for training, development plans, career and succession plans to
ensure both employees and the organization receive maximum benefit from the process.

Manage individualized plans for employee development based on data from competency scoring and performance management.

Collaborate with employees about their career goals and help employees understand the skills and achievements necessary to advance or make lateral movements within the organization.

Identify employees with high potential and those needing different developmental approaches through data combinations of achievement and competency with support for other data aspects.

Build a succession pipeline to prepare for future changes by ensuring that your organization’s most critical positions have qualified successors in place.

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