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Key Functionalities

At the heart of SunFish’s advanced performance module lies the set up of objectives for the company, departments and individuals in a structured and user friendly, guided format. It allows managing flexible time ranges for objective cadence to be further broken down to key results (OKR). Competencies, KPIs and traditional appraisals in a 360° review complete the functionalities. This gives managers, employees and coworkers a broad range of options to collaborate on and to build a dynamic and adaptive workforce for the future.

Performance Tracking

Focus on building sustainable value by setting up targets and plans to track your employees’ performance. Elevate their experience with ongoing growth conversations.

Workplaze incorporates multiple frameworks including OKRs, appraisals, competencies, skill analysis, KPIs, feedback, core HR data, etc. to choose from or combine to assess employees and to get a well-rounded picture of their performance.

Create a repository of goals, objectives, competencies, and skills for different organizational levels with individual parameters and put it at the center of your people strategy. Once set up, use them in evaluations, re- and upskilling, career and succession planning and cross-functional moves.

Incorporate Workplaze’s OKR features for a process-based framework for advanced planning and mapping of objectives, and their breakdown to targets and actual achievements for different hierarchical levels. Continuous tracking and updating of key results offer a frequent, real-time and unbiased feedback loop to reflect current capabilities and contributions.

Dispense discretionary Brownie Points by adding or subtracting other components stemming from core HR data. For example, attendance related issues such as lateness or overtime as well as productivity related data from project management and timesheets can be made part of the review to complete the picture.

Apply performance data to analyze how employees fit current or prospective future positions. Receive automated training and development recommendations for employee growth. Compare and benchmark employees through talent grids and bell curves to gain a holistic understanding of your talent situation and create opportunities and programs to bring out the bes

Performance Monitoring

Change the conversation to collaborating on objectives and sharing frequent feedback with a continuous approach to performance monitoring ​

Allow quarterly, monthly or custom period data gathering for different goal types. Send automated reminders to employees and include links to enter data on dashboards and feeds.

Import data from spreadsheets or connect to data from other systems (CRM, Project Management, etc.) through API interfaces to auto update periodic targets.

Use performance monitoring dashboards and monitoring reports to track achievements including progress to full period goals.

Embed ongoing, constructive feedback between employees and supervisors to support regular performance discussions.

SunFish Workplaze supports talent-related decisions based on real-time data. It helps to assess the talent pool within your company and to nurture and engage your employees in their own growth story.

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