Workplaze Talent Management: Aligning Teams for Peak Performance

Ensuring all team members are aligned and informed.

Building exceptional and effective work is a collaborative endeavor. This process starts with attracting a variety of talented professionals and extends to recognizing that top-notch employees desire chances for education, skill improvement, career growth, and contributing meaningfully to the company.

Workplaze’s sophisticated Talent Management systems nurture a collaborative atmosphere, optimizing the use of individual skills and steering them towards achieving their utmost potential.

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Advante your team performance using SunFish Workplaze Talent Management.

Key Features

  • Focus on cultivating and advancing your employees from the beginning of their recruitment until retirement, aiding in the creation of a consistent, committed, and highly efficient team.
  • Enable both staff and supervisors to set, regularly review, and revise goals, growth plans, and achievements. Such a method promotes a culture of continuous advancement and development across the organization.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results)

Workplaze utilizes the power of OKRs to promote collaboration and ongoing enhancement among managers, employees, and peers. This method goes beyond fixed objectives and performance monitoring, cultivating a flexible and forward-thinking workforce prepared for the evolving work landscape.

SunFish Workplaze OKR

Performance Tracking:

Define transparent objectives and seamlessly integrate them with spontaneous assignments. Elevate regular evaluations by incorporating competencies, KPIs, and traditional assessments into a comprehensive 360° review procedure, which includes automated comparisons and obligatory normalization. Encourage ongoing monitoring of goals and development plans within each performance cycle.

Performance Evaluations:

Enable assessments from diverse origins through a form that automates growth suggestions and guarantees valuable evaluation results. Integrate 360 Feedback from a range of perspectives, encompassing senior colleagues, peers, and self-assessments, to enhance the richness of performance data.

Continuous Performance Management:

Enhance continuous performance management through tasks and feedback to achieve prompt results, while aggregating ratings for end-of-period scores, salary adjustments, and development and career progression planning.

Career Planning and Development:

Initiate dialogue with employees about their career aspirations and define the skills and accomplishments necessary for progression or lateral transitions within the company. Leverage talent pool insights and competency evaluations to customize growth trajectories, employing a range of development approaches for optimal results.

Distinguish high-potential employees and those requiring unique development strategies by analyzing a combination of achievement and competency data, reinforced by pertinent information.

Succession Planning

Take proactive measures to anticipate forthcoming organizational shifts by confirming that vital roles have designated and competent successors in place.


Provide a comprehensive solution that includes workforce planning, applicant tracking, decentralized selection procedures, and onboarding. SunFish facilitates input collection from all involved parties, ensuring streamlined and efficient hiring processes.

Learning and Training:

Promote a culture of continuous improvement within the organization by encouraging both staff and leaders to consistently evaluate and adjust objectives, developmental strategies, and achievements.

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Enhancing HR Effectiveness with Workplaze’s Result-Focused Talent Management Solutions

Synchronizing Staff Performance with Corporate Objectives:

  • Establish clear performance strategies for effective tracking of productivity.
  • Employ a comprehensive assessment method, comparing against established benchmarks.
  • Implement Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to establish and track measurable goals.
  • Incorporate accomplishments based on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) into evaluations of performance.
  • Leverage data for continuous growth-focused discussions.
  • Maintain the relevance of data by consistently adjusting and updating it.
  • Ensure that growth is a principal outcome of assessments.
  • Develop a continuity strategy for key positions.

Personalized Growth Tactics:

  • Concentrate on tailored development strategies for each learner.
  • Employ results from performance assessments to pinpoint areas requiring improvement.
  • Automate the recommendation of training programs based on skill evaluations and career goals.
  • Provide options for career advancement.
  • Facilitate automated suggestions for promotions based on levels within job families or predetermined career trajectories.
  • Aid staff in determining their professional directions, while keeping the criteria and prerequisites clear.

Enhancing and Customizing the Workforce Experience:

  • Integrate employees in the process from setting performance targets and OKRs to regular progress updates and feedback, fostering collaboration and communication.
  • Detect deficiencies in skills and competencies.
  • Help staff in mapping out their career paths within the company.
  • Tailor career advancement paths to suit the unique needs of every individual.
  • Utilize a variety of development methods such as coaching, job rotations, on-the-job training, and more, to promote diversity in skill enhancement.
  • Ensure openness and clarity in the procedures related to salary increases.

Enhancing Mandom’s Talent Management with Workplaze

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Mandom recognizes talent as key to its success, prioritizing employee development and skill advancement. Workplaze supports this through its flexible competency library and strategic tools, enabling Mandom’s HR to effectively drive competency development initiatives, tailor performance appraisals, manage training for skill gaps, and create Management Personnel Plans (MPP). This comprehensive approach strengthens Mandom’s talent management, aligning employee skills with the company’s commercial objectives.

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