SunFish Workplaze is tailored to cater to the varying requirements of companies at different levels of human capital technology development. Its flexible, modular structure and adaptability simplify implementations for any organization, regardless of size or complexity.

Efficiently crafted, user-friendly, cost-effective to manage, and scalable with your changing business demands, Workplaze represents the most intelligent and efficient approach to advance your HR operations.

SunFish Workplaze is designed to meet the needs of organizations across all stages of human capital technology maturity.
Workplaze Technology

Right from the start, our applications have been developed with a “factory floor” mindset for web-based application creation, encompassing:

  • Utilization of pre-existing platforms (like operating systems, databases, and web servers).
  • Integration of existing legacy applications (including current programs and specialized applications).
  • Merging these with Workplaze Modules (which encompasses existing Humanica modules, modules from partners, and tailor-made modules).

This strategy empowers organizations to craft extensive online applications, encompassing technologies like WAP, web, XML, SMS, and API.

Workplaze serves as an advanced application platform, featuring a collection of modular apps and a web-based software development kit (SDK). This setup allows organizations to swiftly deploy a comprehensive web system tailored to their present requirements, while also offering the adaptability to expand and modify the system in response to evolving future needs.

Modern Architecture

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This layer encompasses hosting and integration platforms, managing a broad range of hosting options and third-party integrations.

This layer is composed of a modular infrastructure, administrative functions, a development platform, and various development tools. The first set manages all applications within Workplaze, while the latter provides a space for developers to build or improve Workplaze applications.

The development platform oversees system administration and offers a versatile framework for project management, leading to significant time savings and a robust platform.

Included in the platform are features like role-based security, data archiving, workflow management, multi-language support, Help file management, and a Report builder, all enhancing the system’s capabilities.

This layer houses a variety of core web processing components, supplied by Humanica or its partner companies. These components are responsible for backend processing and are included in the modules added to Workplaze.

This layer displays the smooth integration of various application modules currently in the Workplaze application library, significantly reducing time to project completion. Besides the existing modules, it includes custom developments by DataOn and development partners, ensuring the library is continuously updated and expanded.

Strict Standards

Our applications are designed to offer maximum flexibility without compromising on key quality standards:


Robust Security Workplaze boasts a thorough security framework, establishing stringent security protocols for users across all its system applications. The security matrix rigorously scrutinizes access requests prior to allowing entry to the administration site. Additionally, Workplaze leverages security functionalities provided by various servers and databases.


Reliable Stability Widely adopted by both public and private entities, Workplaze is compatible with most top-tier hardware, operating systems, databases, and web servers. This compatibility ensures that organizations can blend preferred components to achieve operational stability and adaptability.


Effortless Scalability SunFish is developed on a platform ready for clustering, facilitating swift scaling. Its hosting environment is equipped with an advanced array of services and processors to boost performance, including options for load balancing and augmenting CPUs and servers to support growth. This approach aids in reducing initial software and hardware expenses.


Flexible Extensibility Workplaze provides an array of modular applications and a software development kit (SDK) for bespoke development. This enables seamless integration with pre-existing legacy systems and databases. It supports standard interfaces like ODBC, JDBC, and XML, as well as custom interfaces based on open API standards, catering to unique organizational needs.

Workplaze’s structure is crafted to facilitate swift and cost-effective development, efficient deployment, and management of robust, full-scale internet solutions, utilizing the most current technological innovations.

Adaptable, Smart, and Secure


User-Friendly Design

1. Intuitive and straightforward interface that’s simple to master.
2. A neat, Inbox-inspired layout that’s instantly recognizable to users.
3. Complex information distilled into easy-to-understand charts and graphs.
4. Customizable data displays – users can tailor list pages to reveal or conceal data pertinent to their tasks.
5. Uniform UI components across the application for consistent viewing, data verification, lookup choices, data selection, etc.
6. Centralized screens for intricate processes, offering a guided, step-by-step user experience.
7. Design that mirrors the natural workflow of users.
8. Convenient access to data via web, tablet, or mobile applications.
9. Integration of social and gamification elements (like badges) to boost user engagement and software utilization.

Smart Functionality

1. Advanced data analysis with data marts.
2. Efficient sorting and filtering on each page for quick data updates.
3. In-app analytics for straightforward data analysis without external reports or BI tools.
4. Option for users to save their custom data views, enhancing workflow efficiency.
5. Automated workflows with visual management for access levels.
6. Comprehensive and multifunctional capabilities.
7. Incorporation of best practices in Objective Key Results and OKR talent management.

Robust Infrastructure Security

1. Developed using the latest cloud technology.
2. Equipped with an Intrusion Prevention System.
3. Data housed in a secure Tier 3 data center with continuous physical monitoring.
4. Warm disaster recovery center in place.
5. ISO 9001-2008 certification, audited biannually by Lloyds.
6. Adheres to ISO 27011:2013 standards for information security management.


Application Security Measures

1. User group access with independent configuration and detailed access control.
2. Compliance with NIST SP 180-118 for password management, including expiries and device restrictions.
3. Unalterable audit trails embedded in the architecture for all transactions.
4. Multiple encryption layers for stringent access control.
5. Meets OWASP standards for application security.

Versatile and Accessible

1. Support for multi-company and location setups, multiple currencies, exchange rate management, multiple languages, and international operations.
2. Consolidated and comprehensive reporting.
3. Dual-base currency support.
4. Web-based application, accessible globally with an internet connection.
5. Micro Service Architecture to separate front and back ends for rapid functional updates

Extensive Reach

1. In-depth ESS features for all employees.
2. Integration and automation of all HR functions across the organization.
3. Enhanced data tracking and analysis through mobile apps and dashboard summaries.

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