Efficiently generate, examine, and derive valuable insights from real-time workforce data

Gathering relevant data is just the initial step. The crucial part is to structure and analyze this data to uncover meaningful insights and understand factors affecting your financial outcomes. The advantage of having real-time access and the ability to share data across different functions, when suitable, enhances the organization’s capacity to support employees, managers, leaders, and clients, manage expenses, address issues, plan strategically, and implement productive changes and improvements.

Feature Overview

Workplaze is outfitted with robust business intelligence capabilities, enabling businesses to access and disseminate data across the organization. It features comprehensive dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), alerts, analytics, and ad hoc reporting tools. These features not only provide a detailed view of the company’s operational efficiency but also cater to all requirements for reporting and on-the-fly analytics.

Ease of Handling

Administer Claims, Loans and Other Benefits Easily Through Automation and Integration to Third Party Providers

Ad Hoc Report Generation

Best in market solution full featured solutions designed to support a wide range of HR best practices using modern technology. Best attendance tracking by mobile, kiosk and physical devices preventing fraud.

Smart Alerts

Configure alerts on employee data based on specific limits or variance changes, providing timely and intelligent notifications.

Custom Report Writer

Craft tailor-made tabular and graphical reports or create custom data marts with drillable analytics. This tool allows technical users to add features effortlessly while adhering to the system’s security and privacy guidelines.

In-Page/App Analytics

Offers straightforward, in-app analytics on each page for common data, user demographics, and behavior. This feature allows quick assessments of various goals, including engagement, task completion, performance targets, or learning objectives.

Interactive Dashboard

Provides configurable, drillable graphical dashboards that summarize employee information, drawing from an integrated data warehouse. Includes individual employee dashboards for a comprehensive summary of their relevant data.

Multiple Ways to Analyze

Features flexible dashboards that support various data types, including summary views, standard reports, personalized dashboards, information feeds, and AI-based reminders to ensure decision-makers at all levels receive pertinent data.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Workplaze comprises a vast array of standard reports with multiple filtering options, available in PDF, spreadsheets, email, or scheduled for automatic distribution.


Utilizes machine learning models to forecast employee turnover. Parameters include demographics, service duration, salaries, absences, performance, etc., using historical data to identify resignation patterns and predict current workforce trends.

AI-Enhanced Executive HR Reports

Meaningful, customized insight into your HR data at your fingertips. Correlate any data categories you want for a well written analysis that highlights problems and trends and auto-recommends Action Plans.

Efficient Data Access and Sharing Across the Organization with Dashboards, Analytics, and Custom Reports

Tailored Reports and Organization-Specific Inquiries

Immediate Overview of HR Statistics and Insights

“Collaborating with Humanica has enabled us to implement various digital projects over time, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency and transparency.”

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