Optimize Your Business Operations with Workplaze HCM Core

Simplify intricate HR processes effortlessly with Workplaze HCM Core, ensuring compliance and accuracy. Leverage our new AI tools to expedite routine HR tasks like content creation and report generation. Seamlessly handle global designs by integrating multiple regulatory systems and complex organizational structures into a unified platform, tailored to meet the unique needs of each country.

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    Working with Workplaze HCM Core

    Key Features of Workplaze HCM Core

    The administration and operational aspect of HR play a crucial role. Our user interface enhances the experience of managing essential tasks such as record keeping, scheduling, and payroll, making them more engaging and efficient.

    Organization Chart

    Effectively visualize, control, and communicate the organizational structure to meet mission-specific needs. Utilize our user-friendly drag-and-drop tools to easily create, modify, and add components as frequently as required.

    Employee Data SSOT

    Offer comprehensive employee records that accommodate a wide array of pre-defined and adaptable data types within a unified platform, serving as a single source of truth. This platform empowers strategic decision-making for both business and personnel matters.

    Career Admin

    Workplaze HCM Core manages career transitions and related workflows, documents and changes from hiring to rotation, mutation, promotion, to termination.


    Simplify the management of complex workflows and support automation for easy maintenance while maintaining granular control of multi step approval rules.


    Workplaze HCM Core incorporates exceptionally user-friendly Employee Self-Service (ESS) features seamlessly into its core functions, empowering employees to independently handle administrative tasks at their convenience, from any location.

    Global Operation Support

    The software provides multi-language displays and supports data entry in multiple languages, including double-byte characters, catering to most Southeast Asian (SEA) countries. Users have the capability to edit translations and add extra languages as needed.

    Workplaze HCM Core establishes the foundation for your future business strategy

    Workplaze HCM Core is crafted as an employee-centric HR solution tailored for the shift to a modern and dynamic work environment. Integrated into a technology framework universally appreciated, it takes the form of a contemporary app-style, active internal platform that aligns with employees’ lifestyles—mobile, flexible, connected, rewarding—and adapts alongside their evolving needs.

    SunFish Workplaze HCM Core
    • Accommodates multiple companies and locations, supports multi-currency, facilitates exchange rate management, and allows for multi-language use in international implementations
    • Enables consolidated reporting for comprehensive insights
    • Dual-base currency support for diverse financial operations
    • Utilizes a Micro Service Architecture, separating the front and back end, ensuring quicker updates of functionalities
    • Intuitive interface that is both easy to use and easy to learn
    • Workplaze HCM Core features a clean, Inbox-style design that users will find familiar
    • Complex data is presented in simple charts and graphs for easy understanding
    • Customizable data views, allowing users to configure list pages to display or hide data based on their workflow
    • Convenient access to information from the web, tablet, or mobile apps.
    • Leverages a conversational AI interface for swift creation and updates of job descriptions
    • Employs AI for the generation of executive reports, providing analytical insights and action plans
    • Offers diverse sorting and filtering options on each page to expedite data access during updates
    • Includes built-in, user-friendly in-app analytics, eliminating the need for separate reports or BI tools for common data
    • Implements automated workflows and visualized management of access levels and workflows
    • Encompasses comprehensive functionality for a holistic user experience.
    • Extensive Employee Self-Service (ESS) features for all employeesIntegration and automation of all HR operations across the entire company
    • Integration and automation of all HR operations across the entire company
    • Enhanced tracking and analysis of data through frequent use of mobile apps and summarized dashboard insights
    • Simplification of complex data into clear charts and graphs for improved understanding
    • Workplaze HCM Core is constructed on cutting-edge Cloud Technology
    • Incorporates an Intrusion Prevention System for added security
    • Data is stored in a secure Tier 3 data center with continuous 24/7 physical monitoring
    • Features a warm disaster recovery center for contingency planning
    • Certified ISO 27001 for robust information security management.
    • Functions and data access for user groups are independently configured with detailed access controls
    • Generating audit trails for all transactions is an inherent aspect of the architecture and cannot be turned off
    • Various layers of encryption and security protocols are in place to guarantee suitable access control

    Listen to Their Experience

    Humanica Group has earned the trust of more than 2000 outstanding companies spanning various industries. Whether small or large, local or international, each of these unique entities has chosen Humanica Group. Collaborating closely with such a diverse range of customers has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and experience, fueling our continuous innovation in technology. This commitment is our way of honoring the priority we place on customers’ needs, ensuring we deliver value for decades to come.

    Yoshinoya Logo

    “The benefits since using the system are quite a lot, such as the payroll calculation process that is easier and faster, attendance data recap is also easier – we only need to download it from the software. Leave requests that the process can be done anytime and anywhere. The user interface does not confuse the user, and DataOn has a support team that is always ready to help us.”

    Dodi, Ass.

    Payroll & HRIS

    Good Year Logo

    “DataOn’s HCM system is very suitable for Goodyear’s current and future needs. The selection process at Goodyear is quite long and complex, involving our regional and global parties from various IT functions to ensure the vendor has trusted ability, high level of security, and is able to support Goodyear’s needs. The solution has proven its ability to pass the selection and audit processes as a safe and reliable system with good quality and flexibility to answer the company’s needs with its user friendly features.”

    Resa, Ass.


    SiCepat Logo

    ““Before using the system, we processed the attendance manually and had to recap the data one at a time, which was extremely time-consuming. Since we are using DataOn’s HR, we are able to manage the data efficiently, and the data storage is centralized. The software also has a friendly price, and the features are helpful and user-friendly.”



    Royal Doulton Logo

    “Ever since DataOn’s HCM is being live used in our company, employee administration processes such as overtime and leave administrative have been easier, faster, and more efficient due to the systematized process of the HR modules themselves. The payroll calculation process that is being done in-house able to provide more accurate result without the interference of any third-party and can be validated immediately to minimized miscalculation.”

    Suharisman, Personnel



    “With precise payroll menus, efficient scheduling, and employee development features such as talent mapping, training, and performance management, Sunfish met all our organizational needs. The responsive team’s quick resolution of issues and bugs, along with their ability to execute PT Adis’s requests, has made our experience with Sunfish since 2015 exceptionally satisfying. Investing in Sunfish has been a successful decision that significantly boosted the efficiency and productivity of our HR team.”

    Putri Mayritza

    Org. Dev & HCIS

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