A Revolution Through Myplaze Ecosystem

An integrated world of Technology; the HR Solutions that becomes the center of techonology revolution.

We believe people are the source of competitive advantage in most organizations today. Great HR technology solutions have the opportunity to grow beyond the traditional definition of Human Capital Management and provide greater benefits to organizations when they are integrated.

Myplaze Ecosystem by Workplaze is the solution for your business needs

The Issue

  • No solution provider, individually, can provide the best solutions for the entire range of organization and employee requirements.
  • However, the use of disparate solutions from multiple vendors can become confusing and difficult to integrate.

Our Answer: The Workplaze Myplaze Ecosystem

The Workplaze Myplaze ecosystem allows certified third party vendors to provide organizations with these additional solutions while ensuring quality data integrations that are secure and protect data privacy.

  • Content Provisioning
  • Add-on functionality, enhancements to standard Workplaze functionality
  • 3rd party services
Workplaze Myplaze by Workplaze allows collaboration and integration

Cater to Your Unique Needs

Organizations are empowered to enable individual ecosystem solutions through subscriptions or one time purchases and activate data connections that allow these solutions controlled access to Workplaze data and functions.

Selected Workplaze Ecosystem Partners

Benix is the new trend digitalised insurance broker in Thailand. We provide you more than just a brokerage service but all flexible InsurTechs. With our technology and online platform, we help you to be a true caring employer.

Benix logo
Benefits by GreatDay logo

Earned Wage Access provides employees the ability to access a portion of the salary they have earned up to the current day of the month. The EWA function supports instant payment to the employees bank account, transfer to eWallets or bill payments. Early salary is automatically reconciled with the month end payroll process in Workplaze.

Conical provides elearning content and tools for use through Myplaze that create better learning solutions from the human-centered experience. The goal is to transform people’s learning engagement by designing EASY ENJOYABLE EFFECTIVE on-life experiences. Encourage them to obtain new skills, knowledge, mindset or behavior by habit forming for everyday use.

Conicle logo
Rabbit Cash logo

Rabbit Cash provides online small loans to employees with preferential interest rates by allowing the employee to automate loan repayment through linkage to their salary transfer.

Pragma & Will provides strategic HR consulting to support organizations with data analytics and policy development. Workplaze integration allows organizations to enable large data analytics and access advanced reporting functionality for better decision making.

Pragma & Will Group logo
Pharm Care logo

Pharmcare provides tele-doctor and tele-pharmacy services to employees allowing employees better access to healthcare services with less sickness related absenteeism.Pharmcare also provides an integrated medical testing process for annual mandated medical testing to support organizations in arranging, tracking and distributing medical testing results.

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