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On-Cloud ERP Oracle NetSuite, An Accounting Solution for Business

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On-Cloud ERP Oracle NetSuite, the world’s best on-cloud ERP system, is notable across various businesses, serving as a bridge between organizations with remarkable efficiency. They effectively handle diverse workloads, encompassing functions such as accounting, purchase-sale management, warehouse management, and tax management systems.

The world’s best on-cloud ERP System

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    What Is ERP?

    An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system serves as comprehensive management planning software. It consolidates all information into a central database, facilitating easy access for management and other departments. Users can quickly retrieve the specific information they require, enabling effective collaboration and enhancing organizational efficiency.

    Types of ERP

    ERP software can be categorized into two main types which are:

    1. On-Premise ERP

    On-Premise ERP system involves installing the ERP software on the hardware or servers owned by the organization itself. This approach offers a high level of security since all data is stored internally. However, it comes with limitations, such as restricted accessibility outside the organization. Connecting to the system remotely can be challenging, and specialized staff are often required to manage and maintain the system effectively.

    2. On-Cloud ERP

    An on-cloud ERP system involves deploying the ERP software on a cloud server provided by a third-party service. This entails renting space for both the system and database, with fees billed monthly or annually based on the contract. The key benefit lies in its convenience, as it allows access from any location and at any time through the internet or a mobile app such as Oracle NetSuite.

    So What Exactly is Oracle NetSuite?

    On-Cloud ERP Oracle NetSuite is an accounting solution designed to streamline financial processes for businesses. Oracle NetSuite provides organizations with the tools they need to maintain accurate financial records, improve visibility into their financial performance, and drive informed decision-making. Its cloud-based system enables easy access from anywhere, facilitating seamless collaboration and flexibility for users across the organization. It can also be customized to meet specific organizational needs and seamlessly integrate with the organization’s culture.

    What Types of Businesses Suit EPR Oracle?

    Oracle ERP caters to businesses of different sizes, industries, and geographical locations. Oracle NetSuite’s cloud-based deployment option is suitable for businesses looking for flexible, accessible, and cost-effective solutions without the need for extensive IT infrastructure.

    AP Automation & ERP Oracle Integration

    Incorporating AP automation into ERP Oracle provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to enhance their operations and accounting practices. While ERP on its own may not guarantee success in accounts payable, integrating AP automation can strengthen processes and improve overall efficiency.

    How Much is Oracle NetSuite?

    The cost of Oracle NetSuite can vary depending on several components including base package, user licenses, add-on modules, service tier.

    Our team of experts have over 30 years of experience in ERP implementation. We help clients implement ERP systems to drive sustainable growth with our leading practices and world-class standards in ERP implementation.

    The comprehensive Cloud ERP System, for sustainable business growth.


    The World’s #1
    Cloud ERP System


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    NetSuite Meets All Business Needs

    Oracle NetSuite’s comprehensive ERP features allows you to fully manage and plan your resources on a single platform. As a Cloud ERP platform, the versatility and connectivity of Oracle NetSuite will provide you with access anytime, anywhere.

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    Multi-functional ERP System

    The comprehensive ERP functions help you run your business with ease, save your time, and better control of the resources in your organization.

    Data Analytics

    The Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP can
    analyze and process data in any given situation for business insights and effective business reporting.

    Connect All Data
    in One Place

    Oracle NetSuite connects organizational data in resource planning, customer service, and online transactions in one place, saving time and reducing errors.

    Business Growth

    Oracle NetSuite is a scalable and functional structure; supporting additional functionalities and customizable modules to facilitate future business growth.

    The Best Cloud
    Data Security

    With its world-class Cloud Data Security standard, Oracle NetSuite securely stores, backs up, and manages your key business data with best-in-class servers on cloud.

    Reduce Time, Processes,
    and Resources
    Business Growth

    With the cloud system, Oracle NetSuite helps reduce investment costs for on-premise IT hardware, human resources, and time spent in every stage of a business’ internal processes.

    and Global Support

    Supports business operations in more than 200 countries around the world, with the ability to tailor the system to meet different business needs and local compliance requirements.

    Smooth Business Operation
    With Automatic Updates

    The Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP system provides you with always-on automatic updates to help you continuously grow your business without any interruption.

    Simplify Your Business Process with a Cloud ERP System

    Oracle NetSuite’s Cloud-based ERP solution is capable of meeting all of your unique requirements, and is also designed to scale with your business as it grows. Oracle NetSuite connects to all relevant functions in your organization, and is suitable for medium and large businesses of all industries.

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    Business Intelligence Analysis System via Dashboard

    Check up on all business activities, analyze your current business situation, and capture an overview of your business, anytime and anywhere through the application.

    Flexible for every usage

    The Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP functions and reports can be configured to meet the needs of your entire business operations.

    Oracle NETSuite Mockup

    A Wide Range of Functions Effectively Connects All Processes Across The Entire Organization

    Financial System

    Sales System

    Warehouse System

    Additional System

    We Are More Than Just An “Implementer” Reasons to Install Oracle NetSuite Software With HUMANICA

    Our team of specialists have over 30 years of ERP systems implementation experience in various business areas and industries.

    We understand every aspect of implementation, finding new ways to develop the best process of implementation and system design for our clients.

    Our add-on solutions developed by our team of professional software developers will help enhance the ERP capabilities creating an effective and faster working process for our clients.

    Our team is always ready to help you manage the Cloud ERP system, and are available to consult and answer all of your questions to ensure your business growth.

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