Humanica Partners with PMAT, TAS Consulting, and SCB Academy to Launch Thailand’s First-Ever HR Strategy Conference

Bangkok, Thailand – February 6 2024 – Humanica, a leading HR solutions provider in Thailand and Southeast Asia, proudly announces the resounding success of the country’s inaugural HR Strategy Conference 2024, held on February 1-2, 2024. This groundbreaking event, organized by key partners PMAT (Personnel Management Association of Thailand), TAS Consulting, Humanica, and SCB Academy, brought together 187 HR executives, 16 experts and 13 moderators.

The conference marked the first time that a group of industry and HR leaders collaborated to analyze the challenges and opportunities in Thailand’s changing business and workforce landscape and developed a comprehensive HR strategy and transformation roadmap for the future. Integrating the collective wisdom of leading thinkers and rigorous research data, the conference provided a rich experience, valuable insight, and practical tools for organizations seeking clarity and direction in their HR endeavors.

Two days of learning, analysis and strategy development

Using the Deep Dive Method, Mr. Tassaporn Chantree led the two-day seminar as the main lecturer with contributions from experts like Bill Fischer, Dave Ulrich, Mr. Wirot Wongsatirayakun, Ms. Natruedee Atharnwong, Ms. Akarin. Phurisit, Dr. Nattawut Phongsiri, and many more. Humanica’s COO, Mrs. Chuenchom Techarungkia, and CEO Mr. Soontorn Dentham played crucial roles as experts and moderator panel members respectively.

The first day, conducted as hands-on workshops, focused on strategic HR planning. Participants engaged in a hackathon-like atmosphere, sharing knowledge and developing practical, actionable strategies tailored to their organizations’ unique needs. 

On the second day, the focus shifted to HR transformation and explored how digital tools can enhance the employee experience and improve organizational efficiency. Highlights included case studies from leading organizations and a session led by our CEO, Mr. Soontorn Dentham, emphasizing the  significant impact of well-structured HR practices

and technology on employee satisfaction, as well as the critical role of HR in adopting technology to drive organizational success.

A standout moment was the introduction of Workplaze by Humanica, our cutting-edge people management software designed to elevate employee experiences and well-being. This platform  exemplifies Humanica’s commitment to transforming HR processes with modern solutions, aiming to create a comprehensive and caring work environment.

Committed to HR progress and excellence, Humanica takes pride in supporting Thailand’s transformative workplace journey by providing modern solutions, including Workplaze,  that target better work experiences for employees. Organizations seeking a holistic employee management system that balances efficiency with care will find that Humanica is an ideal partner to achieve their strategic HR goals.

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Following the event, TAS Consulting released the Thailand HR Strategy Playbook by Mr. Tas Chantree, consolidating insights from the conference, including the first-ever Thailand HR roadmap. View the complete version here.

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