SunFIsh Workplaze G2 Badges

SunFish Workplaze is rewarded with nine badges in G2’s Summer Reports

SunFish Workplaze has gathered an impressive collection of badges from G2, including nine ‘High Performers’ badges and one ‘Users Love Us’ badge thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers. These results were recently published in the review’s platform Summer Reports and are based on authentic user reviews.

SunFish Workplaze is new to the G2 community, having only joined 5 months ago in January 2023. Despite the short time frame, our customers showed amazing support to expose SunFish to a wider regional audience. They also supplied us with many favorable reviews of our software modules, benefits delivered, and outstanding service. Thanks to them openly voicing their experience, SunFish Workplaze has achieved recognition as a high performer in three key categories: Core HR, Payroll, and Time & Attendance. 

The G2 badges earned

Specifically, in the Core HR category, SunFish Workplaze has secured 5 badges:

  1. Summer High Performer
  2. High Performer in Asia
  3. High Performer in Asia Pacific
  4. Mid-Market High Performer
  5. Mid-Market High Performer in Asia Pacific
SunFish Workplaze's Core HR Badges from G2
SunFish Workplaze’s Core HR Badges from G2

SunFish Workplaze’s outstanding performance extends beyond the Core HR features, as its Payroll Management feature has also been recognized with two badges: Summer High Performer and High Performer in the Asia region. Furthermore, SunFish Workplaze’s Time & Attendance functionality has been honored with the High Performer and Mid-Market badges.

SunFish Workplaze's Payroll and Time & Attendance Badges from G2
SunFish Workplaze’s Payroll and Time & Attendance Badges from G2

We couldn’t have done it without our customer support

We are grateful for the support we have received from our customers. It has enabled us to accomplish significant milestones in this short period of time. Beyond that, we truly appreciate the valuable insight given into our users’ experiences with different aspects of our product and services. Through their reviews and feedback, our customers are not only assisting us in becoming better. They arealso helping other professionals in their search for the ideal and most suitable HRIS software for their organizations. 

The badges serve as a testament of our commitment to excellence and SunFish’s remarkable ability to cater to the diverse needs of customers in different industries and regions. We will continue to reaffirm our customer’s trust in us by sustainably enhancing our value proposition, investing in new features and innovative solutions, further streamlining workflows for easier use and software interaction, and expanding our range of superior services.

Here’s a snippet of what our customers are saying about us:

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