Top 5 Best HR and Payroll Software in 2024

As work styles evolve in the digital age, HR and payroll software play a crucial role in facilitating coordination between organizations and employees. They serve as tools to enhance accuracy and foster business growth. As a result, several organizations are actively seeking out the best HR management software solutions to support their business operations.

Here Are the Best HR and Payroll Software Worth Investing in 2024

With various choices of HR programs available in the current market, organizations often face the challenge of selecting the most suitable one for their needs. To assist those in search of ideal HR and payroll software, we have curated a list of the 5 best options for comparison. Evaluating the differences among these programs can assist in making an informed decision regarding their utilization within the organization. Let’s delve into the details of each HR management software to facilitate your decision.

1. Workplaze 

When it comes to talking about HR  Core, Workplaze stands out as a highly favored HR and payroll software solution developed by Humanica, a leading HR solution provider in Thailand. Workplaze offers a comprehensive set of features tailored to assist both employees and organizations in adapting to the digital era and remote work environments. Notably, it enhances efficiency for HR departments by streamlining data management tasks and providing a range of functionalities aimed at fostering business development. Workplaze stands out with its ability to facilitate several key functions:

  • Tools designed for organizational chart management make it simple to create, add, and restructure charts as needed.
  • The Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature assists employees in handling administrative tasks independently, such as requesting sick leave, business leave, or vacation time. Through the HR management software, employees can initiate leave requests and seek approval seamlessly.
  • Easily update and verify the accuracy of salary, OT, diligence allowance, and other welfare with convenient features for additions and adjustments.
  • Enhance flexibility in document management by enabling real-time updates. Employees can conveniently access and track information with accuracy while efficiently managing tasks through mobile login capabilities.


EZY-HR is an online personnel management solution designed to streamline the workflow of human resources departments. It facilitates tasks such as salary transactions, holiday and absence calculations, leave management, tracking late arrivals, and even automating OT calculations. By minimizing manual processes, EZY-HR simplifies HR operations, allowing departments to function more efficiently and with greater ease.

  • Convenient check-in capabilities from any location.
  • Comprehensive salary calculation system capable of handling various types of payments.
  • User-friendly HR and payroll software designed for easy and seamless usage.

Best HR and Payroll Software Worth Investing in 2024

3. Empeo

This HR and payroll software offers robust features for managing absence, leave, and lateness efficiently. It incorporates Advanced Payroll Automation, which automates salary calculations with precision, including additional income such as OT or diligence allowance. Moreover, it streamlines the process by directly sending electronic pay slips to employees’ emails within the organization

  • Accurate salary calculation based on input-output data and working status, including absences, leaves, and lateness.
  • Comprehensive management of income and various deductions with clearly stated detailed information.
  • Easy management of provident funds, including OT and other benefits.

4. OneDee Payroll Software

OneDee Payroll Software is a commendable choice for businesses seeking HR and payroll software. It offers an online platform with advanced features such as working hour calculations and an AI chatbot. These functionalities streamline complex work processes, making payroll management more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Access payslips online (e-slips) conveniently through the OneDee Chatbot.
  • Assist in preparing various online documents, including social security filings and tax documents.
  • Streamline the salary preparation process for accounting staff by enabling the configuration of earnings and deductions through automated calculations within the program.

5. Tricor Orisoft

HR and payroll software such as Tricor Orisoft offers more than just payroll processing capabilities, it also serves as an analytical tool for HR departments. This innovative program generates insightful reports and information for management regarding various HR-related matters. With its diverse functions, Tricor Orisoft enhances organizational efficiency in multiple ways.

Best HR and Payroll Software Worth Investing in 2024


Stepping into the new era of work in 2024 requires organizations to adopt effective HR and payroll software that can adeptly respond to digital workflows. The 5 best salary programs discussed above offer distinct identities, functionalities, and features tailored to meet varying organizational needs. Therefore, when selecting HR management software, organizations should carefully consider which one aligns best with their specific requirements and organizational culture. By choosing the program that suits their needs, organizations can optimize their HR processes and thrive in this ongoing digital era.

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