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Steps into new era for their HR operation on the back of SunFish Workplaze

The customer

Company: BMW Performance Motor Indonesia is an authorized BMW Dealer in Jakarta and Medan offering a full range of BMW products and services. This includes BMW New, Demonstrator, Pre-Owned and Premium Selection vehicles, BMW Lifestyle & Accessories Store, Genuine BMW Spare Parts, Finance & Insurance, as well as a state-of-the-art BMW Workshop.

Industry: Car Dealer and Distributor, Workshop and store, Spare parts, Car Accessories, Car Insurances

Employees:  200 in multiple locations

Established:  2014 first dealership opening in Medan, 2018 in Jakarta

Locations:  Jakarta and Medan

Project Goal: 

  • Core HR process standardization and automation for a transparent, less time consuming and more accurate PX operation
  • Enabling PX and HR department to provide faster and better service to employees
  • Centralized access to all data and HR activities

Key Achievements

Consolidating payroll activities with one vendor thImproved PX department efficiency & time savings through streamlined processes, task and workflow automation, and centralized data.
Spend less than 10 % of time on data collection and verification
Data accuracy improved by 70%
✔ Payroll Processing Runs reduced to 1
✔ Share basic administration tasks with employees via the self-service functionalities.
✔ Instant payslip delivery
Instant leave request approvals
Achieved new balance between time spent on different HR tasks and resource allocation.

BMW Performances Motor Indonesia sets new retail standards with holistic showroom concept

BMW Performances Motor Indonesia is a BMW dealer with locations in Jakarta and Medan. Their dealerships offer a comprehensive range of BMW products and services, including new, demonstrator, pre-owned, and premium selection vehicles. They  also have a BMW Lifestyle & Accessories Store, genuine BMW spare parts, finance & insurance options, and a state-of-the-art BMW workshop.

In 2014, BMW Indonesia and their partner, PT. Artha Motor Lestari opened the first BMW city sales outlet in Medan. This showroom introduced a new retail concept called 3 S, which combines sales, service, and spare parts offerings, providing customers with a holistic experience. In 2018, they established a second 3 S dealership in the Thamrin area of Jakarta. The new showroom additionally incorporates interactive retail facilities, including the BMW Virtual Product Presentation (VPP), offering an immersive sensory experience and a seamless vehicle purchasing process. Their dealership also provides comprehensive after-sales services, such as BMW fast lane services, regular maintenance, and a streamlined spare parts ordering process connected to the BMW Group Indonesia Parts Distribution Center.

Redefining the standards for a holistic car shopping experience, the company’s HR department, known as People Experience (PX), embarked on a mission to align their own operations with the company’s high service focus. Aptly named People Experience department, their goal was clear: to deliver a timely, smooth and exceptional HR service experience to their growing workforce of 200 employees. To achieve this, they recognized the need to level up their manual HR operation.

Outgrowing manual HR processes

With 200 employees, BMW Performances Motor Indonesia is still considered a smaller company, but it has experienced steady growth in recent years. As their employee base expanded slowly, the PX department believed that their manual HR processes and workflows were still sufficient enough to handle the workload. However, in 2021 the team began encountering challenges and inefficiency due to employees being spread across multiple locations and the absence of a centralized HR data and initiatives storage. The frustration escalated in 2022 when they realized that the time-consuming administration and sluggish payroll processing were hindering the launch of new HR programs aimed at measuring performances, cultivating development and training. Instead of creating new value for the company (which is what the PX team wanted to do) they were burdened by these issues:

Overburdened by manual HR Administration 

One of the main frustrations the PX team grappled with was the sluggishness and inefficiency of handling the HR administration and employee-related tasks manually. The team found it challenging to maintain accurate benefits data and employee records and struggled with the delivery of timely payroll services as well as a good performance management program. Done manually, all these tasks consumed a substantial amount of time and resources, leaving little room for anything else.

“Because we tended to spend so much time on basic operation, helpdesk and answering questions, it didn’t leave us as much time as we wanted to roll out new PX functions. For example we wanted to start focusing on Training, Development and Performance measuring and always wished we had more time to do so.”  Mr. Favian, Head of People Experience Team

“Because we tended to spend so much time on basic operation, helpdesk and answering questions, it didn’t leave us as much time as we wanted to roll out new PX functions. For example we wanted to start focusing on Training, Development and Performance measuring and always wished we had more time to do so.”  Mr. Favian, Head of People Experience Team

The burden of a Manual Payroll Process

The manual payroll process proved to be particularly troublesome and time intensive for the PX team. They dedicated the majority of their time to collecting, verifying, and correcting attendance data, as well as updating other payroll pertinent information before running the payroll process. This involved physically searching for records and files, making calls to different offices, departments and locations to verify data accuracy. Despite their utmost care, the PX team regularly encountered wrong calculations and discrepancies causing frustration. They had to run the payroll multiple times, preventing them from providing the high-quality employee services they aspired to deliver.

No time to focus on Strategic Issues

Despite the heavy administrative workload, the PX team did allocate time to create more value for the employees and the company through developing programs for measuring performance and outlining training and development action plans. Unfortunately, the team struggled to bring these valuable strategies to fruition due to the disorganization and time demands of basic manual administration tasks.

BMW Performance Motors Indonesia (BMW PMI) People Experience Team HR Transformation

The PX team recognized the urgent need for standardized processes, efficient access to essential HR data and seamless employee experience. Eager to overcome these challenges, the team pushed for the implementation of  a modern, integrated HR platform that would allow them to digitize their HR structures.  The team decided to address the most pressing issues first, which included central data access, automated and integrated processes and data administration for time & attendance, and payroll. Once those core challenges were solved and the team had adjusted to the new workflows, they could always add more functionality as their tasks grew.

Implementing SunFish Workplaze

BMW Performance Motors Indonesia partnered with DataOn to implement their robust and reputable SunFish Workplaze HCM system. SunFish is a safe choice and trusted by a wide range of companies in Indonesia to effectively level up their HR structures. 

Streamlined Process and Task DataOn deploys a customer-focused implementation methodology that ensures a smooth and timely project roll out with minimal disruption to the ongoing HR operation. Teams from both companies worked together closely to understand the BMW PMI’s  industry background and challenges in order to map out their unique requirements and tailoring the system accordingly. Thanks to the PX teams active involvement in the data collection, confirmation, and training they achieved the significant milestone of going live within a three-months time frame. Automation

Implementation Scope:

The Beauty of a Digitized HR Management

With SunFish, BWM PMI now anchors its structure and processes on a fully-integrated, feature-rich, single access HR platform that supports an efficient and timely HR operation and service delivery to employees. Since centralizing their data, standardizing HR processes, and automating administration, the PX team has witnessed remarkable improvements in their PX operation – from optimized workflows to better resource allocation to time savings. SunFish Workplaze has become an integral and essential tool for their day-to-day activities, leading to following impactful outcomes:

Streamlined Process and Task Automation: The unified platform streamlined core HR procedures, automated tasks, and provided central access to HR data, ensuring consistency, compliance, and reduced errors.

More Effectively.

Streamlined Process and Task Automation

The unified platform streamlines their core HR procedures,  automates their tasks and provides central access to all their HR data. It brought the PX team consistency, compliance, reduced error and allowed them to work much more effectively.

Time Savings & Accuracy

Optimized HR processes resulted in significant time savings for the team of BMW PMI. Tedious administrative tasks such data collection, maintenance, updates and reporting are streamlined, while built-in problem alerts minimize data inaccuracies, enhancing the reliability of the HR operation. The PX team can now dedicate more time and resources to mapping out new HR initiatives.

Faster Payroll Processing

One of the biggest benefits of implementing SunFish Workplaze is the seamless integration of time/ attendance and payroll. The automated attendance data management, overtime and leave calculation expedited the payroll processing and reduced errors. The PX team can now process payroll accurately and efficiently, ensuring timely salary disbursements and improving employee satisfaction.

Better HR Service Delivery to Employees

SunFish facilitates self-service functions for employees, which empowers them to access and update their personal information independently, apply for leaves, track requests, and view their payslips. This accessibility and transparency gives BWM PMI employees greater agency in their HR matters, saving both the employees and HR team valuable time and enhances everyone’s HR service experience.

“Overall, the implementation of the SunFish system positively impacted our time efficiency by optimizing processes and allowing our resources to become more effectively.”

Tangible Benefits with SunFish:

Automation of  the entire payroll process, eliminating the need for manual calculations and data entry
Less than 10 % of time spent on data collection and verification
Accuracy due to automation is up 70%
✔ Running payroll process decreased from 2-3 times to 1
✔  Instant delivery of payslip, instead of 2 – 3 days

A very supportive implementation and customer care team

BMW PMI’s positive experience with the SunFish system extends to the DataOn solutions delivery team, who played a crucial role in digitizing their HR processes. The PX team was greatly satisfied with the support thpey have received from DataOn; especially during the 5 weeks go-live nursing phase to ensure a smooth adoption of the system company widen and is very happy with the continuous customer care they are provided with since then. They appreciated DataOn’s responsiveness, proactiveness and patience  in addressing all of BMW PMI’s post-implementations questions and issues. Timely support, training, and updates from DataOn have been very helpful to the BMW PMI team to operate their HR transformation smoothly on a daily basis.

BMW PMI’s high level of satisfaction is a testament to the commitment and dedication shown by DataOn in ensuring that their clients’ needs are met. Additionally, DataOn’s reliable support significantly enhanced the team’s confidence in the system and their overall ability to navigate its functionalities effectively. This has resulted in an exceedingly positive user experience, which allows the team to maximize the utilization of the system’s capabilities.

The satisfaction in driving innovation

The implementation of  comprehensive, integrated HR features, a user-friendly interface, and exceptional customer support have revolutionized the  HR and PX operations at BMW PMI. The People Experience has witnessed remarkable advancements in the efficiency of their day-to-day activities, to which SunFish is an indispensable tool. Streamlined processes, time savings, accuracy, and better employee service have brought the PX team closer to their true goal of adding more value to the company by tackling strategic matters. 

BMW PMI stands as a great example of how embracing digital HR solutions can drive efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement. With DataOn as their trusted partner, the company has a reliable support network as they continue to evolve and adapt to the changing HR landscape. The successful implementation of SunFish makes BMW PMI an inspiration for other organizations seeking to transform their HR operations and overall employee experience.

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